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"NERPA" tactical vest SSO/SPOSN


  • 2 bags of twelve stores to 5.45 AK – 74M or eight stores to 7.62 AKM
  • 4 hand grenades ( F – 1 , RGD – 5 , RGS , RGN )
  • 4 Single rocket | 1 individual dressing package
  • 1 small combat pack


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"NERPA" tactical vest SSO/SPOSN

The "NERPA" tactical vest is intended for carrying ammunition to small arms (AK-74, AKM, AK-103), signaling means (RSP, ROP) in conditions of limited volume (inside armored vehicles, underground communications, urban buildings). The layout and design of the vest makes it easy to customize it according to the figure and the growth of the soldier (chest girth from 96 to 124 cm, height from 160 to 195 cm).

The "NERPA" tactical vest consists of four parts: two chest panels, one back and shoulder straps. Between themselves and the straps, the panels are connected by polyester straps of 25 mm width, which are threaded into adjusting, steel buckles with three slits. The surplus of the belt rolls down and is retracted under the couplings from the braid – the rubber bands.

On the chest panels are placed four pockets (two each) for stores to small arms and four pockets for signaling means (two on each).
In each pocket there are two stores, the pocket is divided by an internal removable, plastic partition, fastened to the pocket with a velcro velcro. For stiffness, 1 mm thick frames are sewed into the pockets. The closed dustproof pockets of the pockets are fastened with a textile velcro fastener – velcro and a brass button – the turnstile closed from dirt entering the "flag" from the belt. RSP – ROP are held in pockets with slips, fastened to Velcro – Velcro.

 For the convenience of socks in the lining of the thoracic and dorsal panels, the shock absorbers are made of an isolone 5 mm thick. For better ventilation, a mesh (100% polyester) is milled to the lining. On the chest panels the net forms internal pockets with a zipper. Pockets are laid waterproof liners for papers and documents with safety cords sewn to the panels.

The vest fit fit belts are used for fastening additional equipment on the chest and back panels (bags for hand grenades F-1, RGD-5, RGO, RGN, bag with a jar, bag for property) with PALS (MOLLE). At the "NERPA" tactical vest bottom of the chest and back panels, ten undoing flaps are sewn (fastened with a velcro textile fastener with a velcro and a button).

With the help of the vests to the waistcoat is fastened the waist belt, which removes part of the load from the shoulders and serves for attaching additional equipment (bags for hand grenades F-1, RGD-5, RGO, RGN, bag with flask, various bags and cases for property, bags for shots FOG-25, 25P to the grenade launcher GP-25). Additional equipment is attached to the belt by slivers or metal hooks – clips (clips) with latches of the ALICE system. Shoulder straps are lined with straps for fastening additional equipment (PCB cases, first-aid kits, radio stations) with PALS (MOLLE) mount.

For the convenience of wearing a heavily loaded waistcoat in shoulder straps, shock absorbers are inserted from an isoleon 10 mm thick. For better ventilation, the lining of the shoulder straps is made of 100% polyester mesh. The "NERPA" tactical vest is fastened to two quick-release plastic locks with a width of 25 mm adjustable along the length of the belt and two steel buttons. The waistcoat is made from 100% polyester fabrics of olive green color with a density of 900 g / m² with a polyurethane water-repellent coating. Colors: olive green, black, Russian figure.

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Weight 2.5 kg
Dimensions 20 × 20 × 20 cm



EMR, Black, Moss, Multicam, Olive, Spectre, Spectre SKWO


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