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"lorika" tactical vest by SSO (Sposn)


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"lorika" tactical vest by SSO (Sposn)

The vest is designed for assault units operating in dense urban areas, moving inside armored vehicles, vehicles, in general, the vest is designed for those who don’t have belt gear (it’s inconvenient to sit in a car, squeeze through different breaks, etc.) and you need quick access to ammunition and property.

The kit includes only one removable pocket with fastening PALS (MOLLE) in the center of the left shelf – for two AKM stores. Instead, you can fasten a holster for a pistol (APS, PJ, CP "VECTOR"). The remaining pockets are sewn – three pockets with removable partitions (partitions with plastic inserts and mounted on linden), for two AKM, AK-103 stores each, with plastic frames and elastic bands, valves are fastened to a combination of lindens and buttons and allow you to fit the bag to the whole range of AKM stores – AK-74, four pockets for hand grenades (such as RGO, RGN, F-1, RGD-5), four pockets for RSP – ROP, two multi-purpose pockets in which you can place medical supplies and the necessary "small things" .

All sewn pockets are in the zone of greatest reach – on the left and right shelves, at the top of the shelves there are sewn straps for fastening pockets, bags and cases with fastening PALS (MOLLE). The back without pockets, sheathed with straps for removable property with fastening PALS (MOLLE). From the inside of the shelves, inner pockets are made of mesh with waterproof liners (liners are fastened to the linden and attached to the vest with sewn cords, pockets are fastened with a zipper.

All the pockets of the vest are sewn on the base, which is cut from a 100% polyamide mesh. Vertical belts are fastened from the inside of the net to lining the seams of the pockets. The vest is adjustable from the 46th to the 62nd size, from the 2nd to the 6th height, with winter uniforms and personal protective clothing. The growth of the vest is governed by lindens and belts threaded into metal buckles (buckles sewn at the top of the back). Vest with soft shoulder inserts – shock absorbers from isolon 10mm thick.

Shelves are fastened with a plastic zipper – "tractor" company YKK. In size, the vest is fitted with side straps threaded into plastic buckles (the excess belt rolls down and retracts from the gum sleeve). To relieve the load from the upper spine, the upper part of the back is connected to the shelves with straps – pulls threaded into plastic buckles from the sides of the shelves.

On the lower part of the shelves and backrest, loops are attached for fastening the waist belt or fastening the safety system. The loops are fastened on the linden and the buttons. On the waist belt, you can attach additional equipment (bags for VOGs, flask, shops to the gun). Pocket details are made from CORDURA 1000D fabric, 100% polyamide.

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Weight 1.9 kg
Dimensions 20 × 20 × 20 cm

Olive, Multicam, EMP, Moss, Black, Spectre, Spectre SKVO


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