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Smersh VSS MOLLE Russian tactical vest


The estimated production time for equipment varies from 2 to 5 weeks.

The set includes:
– Belt RS 31
– BCC 2 MOLLE bag with silent fastener (4 pcs.)
– Bag PRG 1 MOLLE with silent fastener (2 pcs.)
– Bag SBM AK
– US MOLLE flask case
– Straps LP PLCE MOLLE No. 2

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Set of equipment SMERSH VSS MOLLE

• The set is selected in such a way that it provides a soldier armed with a VSS Vintorez rifle with the most comfortable placement of ammunition and property when moving in urban areas, over rough terrain and when shooting while lying down.
• The modules included in the kit allow the user to place an increased ammunition load: 8 magazines for ten SP-5 rounds for VSS Vintorez, two hand grenades of the F-1, RGD-5, RG-42, RGO / RGN type and necessary in the field In the conditions of "first line / echelon" property – additional ammunition, communication and signaling equipment, medicine, IRP, water.
• Possibility of using all modules included in the kit with other platforms with PALS / MOLLE system attachment (vests, body armor, covers for armor plates, hip platforms, bibs, backpacks).
• Ability to place modules as it is convenient for the user.
• The design of the valves of the modules' pockets protects the contents from dust, moisture, small stones, does not allow the contents to fall out if they are not fastened.
• Fastening of valves of modules for BCC magazines and QRF (Quick Release Fastener) grenades, model 1958. Quiet, simple and reliable. There is nothing to break in it. It is made of steel and polyamide straps. It is convenient to unfasten and fasten it with thick winter gloves.
• Plastic frames in the front wall of the flap and pocket allow for quick retrieval and stowage of magazines. When closing, the valve does not touch the magazine and does not wrinkle.
• Removable rigid partitions for shop pockets allow you to carry other items that are suitable for their size (height 11 cm, length 8 cm, width 5 cm).
• Convenient placement of portable radio station like Kenwood TH-F5. Its secure attachment.
• Universal insulated cover for flasks and 1 liter bottles.
• Universal bag – "cracker" for personal belongings, additional ammunition, IRP, engineering property, the ability to attach additional equipment to external nodes (loops for a raincoat, side straps of PALS / MOLLE fastening).
• Quick-detachable bag for a first-aid kit (you can place one or two tourniquets, a couple of PPIs, hemostatics, antiseptics, instruments), a safety belt with a fastex lock.
• Detachable, quick-deploying bag-bag with a hard top-neck and membrane, as well as a tightener for collecting discarded used magazines.
• Reinforcement of the most loaded places of the modules extends the life of the kit.
• Holes with grommets to wick moisture away on all modules.
• Comfortable shoulder straps with a backrest that evenly distributes the load on the belt, with a removable chest strap, six loops with quick adjustment from 2nd to 7th height. Soft inserts 5 mm thick ensure comfortable wearing of a set with backpacks, body armor, rifle belts. PALS / MOLLE 39 mesh belts.
• Platform belt with 48 cells PALS / MOLLE. With a wide middle part that supports the lower back. With a removable internal rigid waist belt, with a strong fastener – "fastex", as well as lower slots for attaching hip platforms and holsters to it. Designed for comfortable wearing and easy access to ammunition for users from 42 size 3 height to 58 size 6 height.
• Lining of the straps and belt made of thick, dense mesh with large cells ensures good heat transfer from the body during heavy physical exertion.
• Sturdy flat wide evacuation loop.


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Weight 2.9 kg
Dimensions 20 × 20 × 20 cm



EMR, Black, Moss, Multicam, Olive, Spectre, Spectre SKWO


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