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"Signum" tactical vest by SSO (Sposn)


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"Signum" tactical vest by SSO (Sposn)

Lightweight large area bib for attaching PALS (MOLLE) system modules.
Designed for fighters who have been inside vehicles for a long time (armored personnel carriers / infantry fighting vehicles, armored vehicles) operating in urban areas, as well as using backpacks with developed belts.
The bib is conveniently worn over the bulletproof vest, is quickly removed and put on; small and large back panels can be fastened to it.
Also, the bib can be used as a cover for armored elements – for this, an aramid screen is installed in the inner pocket and a valve is sewn – a support for the armor plate (such as "Granite" or SAPI) and a folding chest panel with an elastic pocket under the top of the plate on the wrong side. The hinged chest plate is attached to the rings on the shoulder straps with removable straps.
Belts are adjustable in length with buckles – “five-walled” and fastened to the panel with buttons.
Horizontal belt straps are sewn on the chest panel for attaching PALS (MOLLE) modules.
Three mesh pockets are sewn to the lining of the inner pocket of the bib, in which you can place additional security elements and KAPs. A bib is worn on the shoulder straps with sewn-in belt straps for PALS (MOLLE) modules, fastened to it with four “fastex” locks.
The straps can be installed in two positions: N – shaped and X – shaped. With H-shaped straps, the bib is more convenient to wear directly on the body for a long time, with the X-shaped position, the strap is easier to remove and put on.
To wear the straps in the N – shaped position, the bib is equipped with a removable rigid jumper adjustable in length with a fastener – Velcro. For ease of wearing over body armor, the straps are made narrow, S – shaped, but with soft padding made of 10 mm thick elephant and a mesh lining. Three elastic loops are sewn on each strap to fasten cables and hoses.
The bib straps are fitted to fighters of size / height from 44/3 to 62/7, excess belts are fixed with additional buckles and removed under elastic couplings.
According to the figure, the bib is fitted with a removable belt fastened with two locks – “fastexes”.
Five horizontal belt tapes are used for fastening the PALS (MOLLE) modules on the breastplate – the upper belt with 12 cells (cell width 35 mm), the other four with 17 cells. In order for the modules to be mounted at different heights, four additional ones are sewn between the main belt belts. For fastening to the safety system or to the belt, the bib is equipped with four removable loops. The loops are unfastened, on a "flypaper" and the button, fasten to a breastplate with buckles – "five-walled".
Bib dimensions:
Height with installed chest panel – 430 mm;
Height without breastplate – 250 mm;
Length – 670 mm;
Width – 8 mm.
The weight of the bib from a fabric with a density of 500D is 1 kg 660 g.

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Weight 1.7 kg
Dimensions 20 × 20 × 20 cm

Olive, Multicam, EMP, A-tacs FG, Black, Spectre, Spectre SKVO


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