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Micro chest bag molle Sposn


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Micro chest bag molle Sposn

We present to your attention a compact modular micro bib with an attachment system according to the standard PALS / MOLLE. The bib is designed for carrying a minimum set of equipment in cases where there is no need for a large amount of ammunition and equipment, but an important factor is the ease of movement and mobility.

A bib can be especially useful for drivers of vehicles; aircraft pilots; motorcyclists; fighters involved in the middle patrol; field doctors; emergency response and other emergency services. A bib may also be of some value for hunters, extreme tourists, cycling travelers and just for active people who love to have everything at hand.

The bib is made of durable synthetic fabric Cordon with a density of 500 Den and dense slings 20, 25 and 50 mm wide. Equipped with durable polyamide and metal fittings.

Color: olive.
The bib is a flat rectangular panel (330 x 140 mm), equipped with five horizontal ribbons of the MOLLE mounting standard. The bib's panel in the lower horizontal part has a small bend, which is fixed on velcro locks, when reclining, the bib becomes slightly larger in height (330 x 190 mm), adding two more horizontal MOLLE tapes from below. Each of the MOLLE bib ribbons goes across its entire width and has eight standard MOLLE cells.

In its upper part the bib has four polyamide buckle-fastex: two in the front part and two at the corners. To these fasteks is attached a system of light, adjustable metal buckles, double-clicked, shoulder straps. At the base, the belts are 25 mm wide, and around the shoulders are made of 50 mm wide ribbon.

In its front part, the shoulder straps have three vertical MOLLE cells, for fastening various light elements of equipment. The shoulder straps of the breastplate at the back do not intersect, but are connected by one horizontal element (the so-called “Husky” system). Such a system distributes weight and load better, does not put pressure on the spine, does not constrain movements. At the bottom of the bib, on its corners, there are two more buckles-fastex, holding an adjustable 25 mm strap, covering the waist.

In its upper part, the bib has a built-in, locked with a lock-velcro flat pocket that matches the size of the bib itself. To facilitate opening the pocket, small leashes of 25 mm ribbon are sewn on top of the bib.

For a more convenient and efficient attachment of equipment items on the bib, horizontal MOLLE ribbons are sewn in a row, one after the other, in a vertical order. But at the same time, the ribbons alternate in width 25/20 mm. This tolerance, while maintaining the reliability of MOLLE fastening, makes it faster and easier to install / remove all modular elements.

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Weight 1.5 kg
Dimensions 20 × 20 × 20 cm

a-tacs fg, Multicam, Olive


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