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Stock pad molle


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Stock pad molle by SSO/SPOSN

We present to your attention the removable MOLLE cheek on the butt of small arms. This simple and convenient product is perfect for placing small auxiliary pouches on the small arms butt, for example: with a spare magazine, several cartridges, an individual dressing bag (IPP), spare parts for weapons, etc. In addition, the cheek protects the upper part of the butt from impacts and damage, provides better grip of the butt with the chin.

Coloring: olive, black, Spectrum, Spectrum-SKVO, multicam, ATAX.
The cheek is made of durable non-slip synthetic fabric and has a filling of thin foam material. The product is a platform with a mating part of the PALS / MOLLE standard mounted on the butt of a small arms. On the outer surface of the cheek, vertically, enveloping it on both sides, there are two molle tapes, with an equal gap between them. On each side of the cheek, the ribbons form two full molle cells. Thus, on the right or left side of the cheek, you can fix a small molle cartridge pouch. For example, a 1 AKM RADE MOLLE pouch mounted on the cheek allows you to hold one additional equipped magazine on the AK stock, and a molle IPP pouch provides instant access to a styptic tourniquet or bandage located on the stock.

Due to the presence of molle cells on both sides, the cheek is equally convenient for use when shooting from both the right and left shoulders. On each side of the cheek, along its edge, there are six eyelets. The cheek is attached to the butt with a durable rubberized cord, with the weaving of the cord around the lower comb of the butt and butt plate. The thickness of the cord is minimal and does not interfere with proper application from the butt plate of the butt. The cheek grommets closest to the butt plate are made larger for more convenient passage of the two ends of the cord. The ends of the cord, after installing the cheeks on the butt, are fixed with a polyamide lock-stopper. Thus, the entire system becomes adjustable-prolonged and at any time, if necessary, the cheek can be further tightened. Some of the eyelets may be slightly covered by molle ribbons located on top. Nevertheless, this does not interfere with the normal fastening of the cheek on the butt, provided that such an action is not often performed.

The product, mounted on a butt with an even upper crest, sits tight enough, does not walk, does not move and occupies a stable position, even when the filled magazine is fixed to the AK submachine gun.

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a-tacs fg, Black, Digital flora, Multicam, Olive, Spectre, Spectre SKWO




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