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Individual water filter NF-10

Individual water filter NF-10


  • – Cover with zip (without waist belt loops)
  • – Pump
  • – The filter element (3 pieces)
  • – Small hoses (2 pcs)


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Individual water filter NF-10 Russian army.

Individual water filter NF-10 (6b38 set) is made for the sustenance of human settlements, survival in extreme situations when infected or contaminated water sources.

Performance of purification of water: 6 liters per hour.
Set weight: 250 grams

Designed to clean fresh water from wells, boreholes, reservoirs, rivers and streams of toxic substances (OM; PB; SDYAV; BS) in order to obtain drinking water.

Quality indicators of source water;

Fresh water from surface sources:
– Turbidity – 200 mg / dm3.
– Salinity – 2 g / dm3.
– Color – 200 degrees.
– Contents OB, PB, SDYAV, BS mass porazheniya- according OTT 7.1.206-92.

Advantages of the set:
– Light weight 250 grams;
– The small size of the kit; (Height width length); (9cm – 7cm – 18cm)
– Easy to use;
– Scales flow of treated water on the filter element;
– If economical use of purified water under extreme conditions can be set to stretch for 10-15 days;
– In the normal consumption of treated water per day (2n 2 + n) sets will last for a week;

The kit includes:
– Cover with zip (without waist belt loops);
– Pump;
– The filter element (3 pieces)
– Small hoses (2 pcs)

Set Suitable for: for lovers of nature, tourists
military, mushroom pickers, hunters, fishermen and outdoor enthusiasts away from civilization.

Resource work on one set of filtering-sorption elements:
– Water purification from natural impurities and the BS is not less than 15 liters;
– When the water from the neutralization of OB (toxic substances), SDYAV, PB (radioactive substances) are not more than 10 liters;
– The life of filtering-sorption elements wet no more than 3 days.

Manufacturer's warranty:
The manufacturer guarantees the quality of water filter portable SF-10 technical requirements specifications provided the customer conditions and rules of storage, transportation, maintenance and operation.
Shelf life – 5 years.

Shipping: shipping worldwide. (2-5 weeks)

Delivery: ships within 3 days after receiving cleared payment.

Payments: PayPal

Individual water filter NF-10

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Weight 0.5 kg
Dimensions 20 × 20 × 20 cm


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