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Shelter 6sh120

6sh120 Shelter Universal

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6sh120 Shelter Universal

Universal 6S120 shelter is a part of the 6B52 equipment.

Universal 6Ш120 shelter is designed to protect servicemen from precipitation and wind. Shelter is used as a single tent, an awning, a stretcher for carrying wounded or property. To create a four-seater tent, you need to connect 2 shelters.
Shelter universal 6Sh120 is a dense synthetic non-blotable cloth 165 cm by 280 cm. At the perimeter of the shelter, sewing lines, half rings, Velcro, pullers, handles.
Folds into a compact cushion the size of 36 by 29 cm.

Instructions for the use of a universal shelter 6SH120:

Four-seat tent of two shelters:

1) Connect the two shelves to the longitudinal sides.
2) Install racks with a height of 1.1 m at a distance of 2.5 m.
3) Put on the pockets of one of the shelters in place of the joint on the posts.
4) Pull the longitudinal stretches from the pockets with the posts.
5) Secure the edges of the shelters with prisms, forming the side walls of the tent.
6) Dock the two shelves with longitudinal sides to the transverse sides of the docked shelters.
7) Secure the edges of the shelters with jabs, forming the end walls of the tent.
8) Secure the docked edges of the shelters with stretches.

Single tent from the shelter of the universal:

1) Install the racks at a height of 0,65m. At a distance of 1.9 m.
2) Put the pockets on the racks.
3) Pull the longitudinal stretch from the pockets with the posts.
4) Secure the edges of the shelter with prisms.

Universal shelter can also be used as a stretcher:

Stretcher sizes of 2.2 to 0.8 are designed for carrying the wounded and cargo.

1) Lay the shelter with the handles down.
2) Bend part of the shelter without the packing case along the transverse side to the handles.
3) Bend the shelves in half along the longitudinal side.
4) Pouch used as a pillow.

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6sh120 shelter

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Dimensions 144 × 50 × 100 cm

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