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6B7-1M helmet

6B7-1M helmet used aramid composite Russian armed forces

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  • 6b7-1m helmet
  • Cover Case for digital camouflage

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6b7-1m helmet used aramid composite Russian armed forces.

6b7-1m helmet used aramid composite Russian armed forces
This 6B7-1M 100% original.
Size: size(Rus): 1<=59(60)

Item Includes:
• Original helmet 6B7-1M.
• Cover Case for digital camouflage

• the protective structure of the shell is a discrete-fabric material based on aramid fibers
• retains the protective properties at temperatures from -50 °C to +50 °C
• allows driving of vehicles
• allows for deactivation, decontamination and does not reduce the safety and performance after their exposure
• does not interfere with the environment to perceive sounds
• has a repair adaptability, which allows to carry out repairs in the field without special tools
• has a structure not providing special equipment or tooling to ensure the maintenance and repair
• The burden of continuous wear for at least 24 hours without showing irritation and chafing
• Compatibility with summer and winter uniform, staff uniforms items servicemen
• easy and quick donning and removal without assistance
• the possibility of planting, placement in military equipment and other vehicles, as well as the use of individual weapons while in these
• perform an action, characteristic of the combat situation
• compatibility with the means of communications, surveillance, targeting
• ability to mount a camouflage jacket and the mesh
• operation in the winter due to the use of insulated liner

Seals inside the helmet can vary in color depending on the party.

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6b7-1m helmet

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Weight 2.0 kg

2 reviews for 6B7-1M helmet used aramid composite Russian armed forces

  1. Matthewtims

    Excellent quality! The helmets aren't as shiny add they appear in the picture, either way comes with a helmet cover, the chin strap on mone came broken, however still 5:5 because customer service was very quick to remedy my situation.

  2. Jacopo

    Best price for an used but original 6b7-1m. Helmet have some scratches but still Perfect, the cover in emr looks like new. Autentic and popular Russian item, must to have.

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