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Buy Sea scarf Keotica membrane on fleece MU-Blur


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8 000 mm/ 24h/ м2
3 000 ml/ 24h/ м2

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Sea scarf Keotica membrane on fleece MU-Blur

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Marine scarf of the bottom membrane – protection against adverse factors in the cold season
Sea scarf insulated from the MU-Blur color membrane is part of the KE product line, which consists of special solutions for demanding customers. The product was developed by the specialists of the production department of the Camouflage Roux shop and was manufactured under the conditions of its own sewing enterprise.

The marine scarf of a membrane on a fleece is addressed to lovers of outdoor activities, as well as to people playing airsoft and paintball, to drivers of open vehicles – ATVs, snowmobiles, motorcycles. Sea scarf is bought by fans of high-speed mountain descents, fishermen, tourists. It is suitable for everyday routine wear.

The scarf protects from cold, wind, liquid moisture and air dampness. Its outer shell is not blown and does not get wet, because it is sewn from a non-woven membrane material. The front side of the outer shell is velvety to the touch. Membrane material does not rustle, does not change its properties in the cold, does not glare in the sun.

Inside the scarf is insulated with fleece. This material is pleasantly in contact with the skin, quickly removes natural moisture from its surface. Fleece collects and retains heat, while allowing the skin of the body to breathe freely. When wet, this material does not lose its ability to warm. Fleece dries quickly on the body.

A scarf is worn over the head. He does not unwind and does not strip the neck at the most inopportune moment, it is difficult to lose. The marine scarf protects the base of the neck, the neck itself and the lower part of the face. On the top edge of the scarf passes the drawstring, in which the manufacturer has pulled the elastic cord. This cord is needed to fix the scarf on the face.

  • Manufacturer:  Russia
  • Weight: 50 g
  • Size: free
  • Upper Material: alum, density of 220 g / m2, non-porous, does not rustle
    • top layer: knitted fabric, do not rustle
    • membrane, hellish: 3000 ml / 24 hours vapor permeability; 8 000 mm / 24 hours water column
  • Lining / insulation: fleece, density 180 g / m2
  • Features of the model: adjustment of the size of elastic cords

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 Sea scarf Keotica membrane on fleece MU-Blur

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Weight 0.150 kg
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 10 cm


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