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"DOLG m3" belt weapons tactical


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"DOLG m3" belt weapons tactical is available in three colors: black, green and white and comes with a soft expansion epaulet straps for weapons.


The belt is available in two trim levels: standard and universal.

As standard, the carabiner podtyaga ribbon sewn on the lining of the low noise, the belt is additionally equipped with "Riga" carabiner for "Riga" carbine instead wrap if necessary.


The universal complete set of the carbine podtyaga tape is not sewn to it and attached with the help of the double-slit buckle "DOLG M3" belt is equipped with two carabiners: a "Soviet" and one "Riga".


Choosing a belt configuration depends on the planned use of the belt on which the weapon:


Standard equipment is suitable for almost any Russian weapons production as fastening a seat belt in the front of the arms provided with the help of the rifle is that we use in our belt and the front sling swivel, in most cases, is vertical. At the same time low noise lining to reduce the noise from the carabiner and swivel connection, as well as to better preserve handguard weapons from scratch.

When ordering a belt as standard please specify what kind of shotgun want to set the tape podtyaga: quick-"Riga" (withstands 75 kg tensile testing machine, it is easy to install on the sling attachment or withdraw from it) or "Soviet" (standard shotgun from the belt AK: Does an additional degree of freedom so that does not conflict with straps "Picatinny" on the forearm. Withstands 160 kg tensile testing machine, but it is more difficult to install or remove the swivel).


Universal equipment is needed to install the "DOLG M3" belt on the foreign models of weapons, as variants of the belt anchorages to weapons diverse and require different antabok and carbines. Universal grade devoid low noise lining, but it allows you to set the tape podtyaga any necessary carabiner or sling attachment suitable width (minimum 25 mm), universal girth, or install a tape podtyaga right on the front sling attachment of weapons, if any is present, and has the desired width (not less than 25 mm).

Note: In any configuration of the belt, universal girth may be removed from the belt, and use instead any desired shotgun or a full-time side sling attachment for attaching a seat belt in the back of the arms. It is important to remember one thing – for normal belt slip, width used attachment must be at least 30 mm!


For normal operation of the belt it should be mounted on the side arms, rather than the bottom.


Attention! If you want to change the belt packaging – please indicate this in a letter with the order.



What's in the belt package "Dolg-M3"?

– Belt, a broad shoulder straps, versatile girth, fasteksy, two carbines (Soviet and Riga).


What is the difference from the standard equipment of the universal?

– In contrast to the belt fastening carbines podtyaga. As standard, the carabiner is sewn to the lining of low-noise tape podtyaga and not withdrawn. The universal complete set carabiner can be changed.


Which package is suitable for AK?

– For all the weapons from the front swivel device like AK (sling swivel on the left forearm) the perfect solution – standard equipment. Also standard equipment is designed for the PKK, PKM, shotgun boar, SVD, Tiger.


What is the point of universal equipment?

– This equipment is designed for the front sling swivel arms, which differs from the AK. Simply put, for the rest of the weapons (PSP, smooth-bore hunting weapon domestic and imported, all imported rifles).

You can purchase a broad shoulder straps and universal girth?

– Each item, in any quantity, any color available in this product.

Additional information

Weight 0.3 kg
Dimensions 10 × 5 × 20 cm

Black, White, Olive


Standard, Universal


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