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Tactical tourniquet ZhK-02 (medplant)


Weight: 75 g.
Folded: 170x70x80mm
Bundle tape length: 950mm
Bundle tape width: 40mm


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Hemostatic tactical tourniquet is designed to temporarily stop bleeding in case of damage to the arterial vessels of the lower and upper extremities.

The ZhK-02 harness is a further stage in the evolution of tape harnesses of the NIISI RKKA type. It is a Russian analogue of CAT, SOF-T harnesses. It is made of a flat tape with a velcro fastener with a buckle and is distinguished by the presence of a base on which the tightening mechanism is located (a coil with two axles, two slings and a lever). By moving the lever, the lines are tightened on the axle and, accordingly, the length of the flat tape is reduced, thereby stopping the bleeding. The time of the harness application is fixed on the built-in dial.

Applications: emergency medical services, disaster medicine, military and emergency medicine

Purpose: The tourniquet (tourniquet) is intended for a temporary stop of blood flow in case of damage to the arterial vessels of the lower and upper extremities.

The tourniquet tourniquet provides uniform compression, dosed compression and does not injure the skin and tissues.
The design of the tactical tourniquet Zhk-02 is simplified as much as possible, it can easily be applied independently with one hand, while attaching
minimal physical effort.
Provides reliable stopping of arterial blood flow in both upper and lower extremities.
Creates minimal pain.

Bundle application time:
– the victim himself – about 10-15 seconds;
– by a doctor or partner – no more than 10 seconds.
The minimum weight and dimensions of the harness allow it to be placed in any individual first aid kit.

Method of application: The free end of the tape is threaded into the buckle and a loop is formed to apply it to the limb, the loop is pre-tightened on the limb and fixed with a Velcro fastener (the smooth surface of the tape must adjoin the patient's body). Then, using the lever of the tightening mechanism, the lines are wound on the coil axis and the harness is re-tightened until the bleeding stops completely.

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