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"GORKA-E" ss-autumn windproof SSO suit Russian spetsnaz

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"GORKA-E" ss-autumn windproof SSO suit Russian FSB.

"GORKA-E" ss-autumn designed to protect against sudden temperature changes and strong winds in a forested mountainous terrain.

The costume consists of two items:
jackets parks (hood stitch the neck and provides better protection from the wind, and his loss is excluded) and trousers.

Since the suit is designed for operations in the area teeming with deciduous forests, the simple earthy-gray coloring, work well in open areas and in the highlands, does not provide effective camouflage in the short distances. With all of these features has been modified costume "Hill-P."

When driving through a dense undergrowth camouflage suit properties provide small round spots marked on the fabric in accordance with the shadows distribution in  wood (beech, oak, walnut). Heavy tent c / b plain weave fabric provides not only protection from the wind, but also in combination with blended pads has a high resistance to wear – a suit can withstand passage through the thorny bushes, crawling, you can work in a limited volume (underground utilities, destroyed by urban development) . The jacket is equipped with three pockets – one internal and two slotted shelves with valves.

"GORKA-E" ss-autumn jacket fastens with buttons. Buttons fastened to a closed shelf bracket with additional wind protection strip, is fastened to the right podbortu shelves – this design is completely cuts off the flow of air. The hood is designed in such a way that it can be worn under a warm hats – in this case with the help of cords with stoppers, threaded into Drawstring hood can be adjusted so that it does not interfere with peripheral vision and tightly fits the head.

The bottom of the jacket is adjusted by volume with the cord stopper is threaded in "kuliske". Excess cord is tied with ribbons, located on sackcloth pocket. The jacket is fitted waist ties side of the rubber-tape – this allows you to hook a jacket more warm clothes.

Straight trousers with aprons, anthers, dressed in boots, six pockets – two hip, portfolio with flaps, two patch, rear, no valves fastens with hanging loop, two slotted in the joints, without sacking – for access to the undergarment.

All the buttons on tesmyannoy leg – a fixture has high strength. Waist trousers pulled braid and rubber-cord threaded into kuliske, equipped with belt loops for a belt, loops for special X-shaped to help. The belt fastens with a "Velcro", metal hook. The costume is made of tent x / cotton fabric with a blended overlays.

sso sposn size table

– jacket with a hood
– pants

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2 reviews for "GORKA-E" ss-autumn windproof SSO suit Russian spetsnaz

  1. Flo57

    Package delivered between 3 and 4 weeks.
    Description consistent with the article received, the seller is contactable for any questions or problems (I had no problem with the seller); moreover he responds quickly.
    Gorka of very high quality, I tested under a steady rain, the water does not penetrate the tissue and trickles on it. Fabric and sturdy seams.
    Light enough color, I expected a color a little darker.

  2. Stan

    Perfect Quality, very beautiful colors, I recommend !!

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