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"Gorka-4" anorak Black jacket suit


Manufacturer: Russia
Weight: 1950 g
Upper Material:

  • 50% Polyester – 50% cotton rip-stop, density of 240 g / m2
  • 50% Polyester – 50% cotton rip-stop, density of 240 g / m2
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"Gorka-4" anorak Black jacket suit. The inexorable evolution!

"Gorka-4" anorak – the revolution is here!

Field camouflage should not only well masked. Clothing of this type should be strong, hardy and reliable. Experts production unit brand took up the challenge: he was commissioned to create a set of camouflage field, which will withstand the maximum load and does not require repair, even after the most severe tests of those who are most exposed to this type of clothing. And they found an elegant solution to the problem: Upgrade to the new requirements of the people popular costume "Gorka-3", created on its base set of the mountainous fourth generation windproof clothing.

An updated costume

To raise to a maximum of reliability "Gorka", the developers have made for her a new coat without central buckle. Rather, the central closure has in fact, but in the form of a cut that goes from neck to mid-chest. Such a buckle for easy access under clothing. It is fastened to the traditional "inseparable" buttons sewn through the tape. Clasp partially secret: the buttons are hidden behind windproof strap, and only one at the top is visible.

The jacket is free cut. Raglan sleeve allows you to comfortably wear it under clothing in several layers. Jacket adjustable waist and bottom by elastic cords with plastic stoppers. We have a jacket breast pocket, there is a spacious lower pocket "Kangaroo" type with two entrances that allow you to access any content with his free hand. A couple of handy patch pockets provided on the sleeves. They valves are fastened with Velcro. The large rear pocket is provided. It is designed for storage of flat, thin object, such as a topographical map or folded several sheets of paper.

Hood jacket has a traditional functionality. It can be customized for the oval face and volume. Properly fitted hood is securely held on the head and is perfect for traveling in open vehicles. He has a small visor, which protects from the sun and does not drain the water in the face.

Trousers "Gorka-4" anorak Black have a traditional cut. In the zone they Waist elastics, provided codpiece buttoned. Elastic at the waist provide the desired seal quality. To support the trousers should be used suspenders or a belt.

At the bottom of the leg there is a practical boot which can reliably protect the interior of the trousers from dust, debris and insects. Bellow made of basic material. The inner boot is equipped with a locking leg loop, which prevents displacement upwards.

On the sleeve and trouser legs are dragging away gum.

"gorka-4" anorak

Materials and accessories

"Gorka-4" anorak Black suit is made of high-quality mixed fabric with a "rip-stop" reinforcing threads. This fabric is durable, lightweight, breathable. If damage occurs to such discontinuities do not increase tissue spontaneously, even if the web is under load. Ragged edges so the fabric does not fall apart into separate threads. The material is not wrinkled, not zastiryvaetsya not fade in the sun.

On the ground, the potential rapid deterioration in costume made Gain: sewn additional layers of underlying tissue. In the production of "Gorka-4" anorak were used high-strength thread, quality is inseparable buttons, wear-resistant elastic cords with plastic clamps and reliable contact film "Velcro".

● Weight: 1708 (for size 50)

● Upper Material:

○ 50% Polyester – 50% cotton rip-stop, density of 240 g / m2

○ Gain: 50% Polyester – 50% cotton rip-stop, density of 240 g / m2

● Lining / insulation: no

● Number of pockets:

○ the jacket:

□ 2 on the sleeve-type "portfolio" with Velcro

□ 1 chest strap with a buckle on 3 buttons

□ 1 inside for documents with velcro, is located in a breast pocket

□ 1 large type "kangaroo" without fasteners. With the valve for protection against falling objects

□ 1 on the back with a zipper with two entrances

○ on the trousers:

□ 2 sides

□ 2 back with buttoned

□ 2 loin side of "portfolio" with button closure, with klapnom preventing objects falling out

● Equipment:

○ suspenders with adjustable length

○ plugs for Velcro fastening under the insignia (2 pcs. for arm-)

● Model features:

○ buttons sewn through the tape

○ adjustable hood volume and depth

○ screed jacket on the bottom

○ screed jacket waist

○ Pants with elastic adjustable cord at the waist

○ detachable straps trousers

○ "Brake" at the bottom of trouser leg

○ space for mounting the insignia on the sleeves

○ visor to 3 cm wide hood

○ gain on the knees, elbows, shoulders and seat of the second layer of fabric

Additional information

Weight 2.1 kg
Dimensions 20 × 30 × 30 cm

40-42/170-176, 44-46/170-176, 44-46/182-188, 48-50/170-176, 48-50/182-188, 52-54/170-176, 52-54/182-188, 56-58/182-188


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