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Gorka-3k bars

Gorka-3k Bars camouflage suit Russian spetsnaz

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Manufacturer: BARS (Army Combat Gear). This producer is one of the key suppliers of uniforms for the Ministry of Defense, Ministry of Interior and various special units.

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Gorka-3k BARS Russian spetsnaz Khaki with olive plates.

Costume Gorka-3K bars reflects the modern concept of a domestic storm suit for special forces. (In our store  you can buy a Gorka-3k anorak version.)

That's what these costumes writes the magazine "Military intelligence": "These suits can be seen on the Heavy air search and assault group, and the security officer of the FSB, and the sniper detachment veveshnogo special forces – all like certainly successful thing has become a kind of symbol belonging to the "workers of the war." "


Militarized mining suit Gorka-3K BARS is made of dense tent x / cotton fabrics. For finishing and to gain critical wear and getting wet areas used plashchevaya mixed fabric that increases the stability of these zones to getting wet. A lack of shoulder seam eliminates leakage along the seam in this area. Valves sleeves and pockets slotted back pockets of trousers are made of triangular shape, which significantly reduces the bending of the extreme corners of the valve.


Very dense tent fabric can be attributed more to the costume demi, despite the absence of any insulation. Also, it is perfect for a cold summer the Russian North.

Jacket and pants suit Gorka-3K bars loose-fitting, allowing the hook extra layers of clothing. For the best fit, fit and avoid "paruseniya" in the wind, the suit has a system of ties based on rubber-fabric tape on the sides of jackets, sleeves, behind the knees and in the bottom of the pants.

The jacket has 5 pockets: two side with a flap with buttons, two arm-with the flap on the lime tree and one inner pocket with a button.

 Also available there are costume “Gorka 3k" black BARS!

Trousers have six pockets: two side and two back pockets with flaps with buttons, two loin with flaps with buttons. Thigh pockets arranged in such a way that when closing the pocket with a button upper part of the pocket turned in together with the valve, which eliminates the possibility of dropping out of the pocket of even the smallest objects. Valves pockets triangular shape, which significantly reduces the bending of the extreme corners of the valve and clinging ammunition and equipment. Pants are equipped with comfortable suspenders. The combination of tissue lining the main khaki splits silhouette of man in the remote distance.

Storm suit designed to protect against changes in temperature and strong winds in mountainous terrain.


The costume is popular among military personnel, hunters and tourists.


Main material: 100% c / b, lining: 51% c / b, 49% -PE


The fabric has a water-repellent impregnation.


Manufacturer: BARS (Army Combat Gear). This producer is one of the key suppliers of uniforms for the Ministry of Defense, Ministry of Interior and various special units.

Height 40 42 44 46 48 50 52 54 56 58 60 62 64
I (158cm) + +
II (164cm) + +
III (170cm) + + + + + + + +
IV (176cm) + + + + + + + + +
V (182cm) + + + + + + + + + +
VI 188cm + + + + + + + + + +
VII 194cm + + + +
Size Gorka-3k, Chest, cm Gorka-3k, Chest, in Gorka-3k flise, Gorka 4, Chest, cm Gorka-3k flise, Gorka 4, Chest, in Waist, cm Waist, in
40 81-84 31,8-33 68-71 26,7-27,9
42 85-88 33,4-34,6 72-75 28,3-29,5
44 89-92 35-36,2 76-79 29,9-31,1
46 93-97 36,6-38,1 90-94 35,4-37 80-84 31,4-33
48 98-102 38,6-40,1 95-98 37,4-38,5 85-88 33,4-34,6
50 103-107 40,5-42 99-103 39-40,5 89-93 35-36,6
52 108-113 42,5-44,5 104-108 40,9-42,5 94-98 37-38,58
54 114-120 44,9-47,2 109-114 42,9-44,9 99-105 39-41,3
56 121-127 47,6-50 115-120 45,2-47,2 106-112 41,7-44
58 128-134 50,4-52,7 121-126 47,6-49,6 113-119 44,4-46,8
60 135-141 53,1-55,5 127-132 50-51,9 120-126 47,2-49,6
62 142-148 55,9-58,2 133-139 52,3-54,7 127-133 50-52,3
64 149-155 58,6-61 134-140 52,7-55,1

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Weight 2.1 kg
Dimensions 20 × 20 × 20 cm

40-I, 40-II, 40-III, 42-I, 42-II, 42-III, 44-III, 44-IV, 46-III, 46-IV, 46-V, 46-VI, 48-III, 48-IV, 48-V, 48-VI, 50-III, 50-IV, 50-V, 50-VI, 52-III, 52-IV, 52-V, 52-VI, 52-VII, 54-III, 54-IV, 54-V, 54-VI, 54-VII, 56-IV, 56-V, 56-VI, 52-VI, 58-IV, 58-V, 58-VI, 58-VII, 60-IV, 60-V, 60-VI, 60-VII, 62-V, 62-VI, 64-V, 64-VI




Khaki, Olive

4 reviews for Gorka-3k Bars camouflage suit Russian spetsnaz

  1. Valtteri Lehtonen

    Excellent suit! I got it in 2 weeks via Russian mail after making the order 🙂

  2. Matthew Tims

    I was skeptical at first because of the cheap price, but I got a genuine BARS Gorka-3 brand new in the package, I order from here as much as possible, great prices and great service

  3. Charlie

    Low price, but it's a genuine Bars gorka! Baggy, but with very good fit and adjustments. I have a size 42/3 and it fits perfectly, but I figure anything from 40/2 to 44/3 would be just as good. Delivery was fast, customer service was superb. Recommended!

  4. Alex

    Satisfied! Good quality! Fast delivery! Recommended

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