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Membrane Gorka-winter suit in SnowStorm


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8,000 mm/24 hours/m2
3000 ml/24 hours/m2
-40 Co to -5 Co

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Membrane Gorka-winter suit in SnowStorm

Winter "Gorka" in the colors of "Snow Storm". Perfect camouflage for a snowy winter

We bring to your attention a magnificent suit "Gorka", made in the actual camouflage coloring "Snow Storm". This set of clothes will be able to be appreciated by hunters, huntsmen, game hunters – people for whom it is important that their winter costume have not apparent, but real masking qualities. The “Snow Storm” picture has a powerful masking effect: in a snowy shrub, in the shade of trees in the snow, a person in such a “Gorka” is difficult to see even from a distance of ten meters. The owner of such a suit will definitely not need additional camouflage clothing in order to qualitatively merge with the terrain.

The suit “Gorka” in this version of execution quite deserves to be called universal. It is designed to be worn in low activity mode. You can stand on the room in the process of a driven hunt or wait for the beast in ambush at the path in such a “Gorka” for a very long time in frost and blizzard, without at all experiencing the slightest discomfort from the sharp wind and cold. The suit is ideal for winter fishing, for trips in open transport – on a snowmobile, quad, off-road vehicle with an open top.

The suit has an upper insulating layer made of membrane fabric. On the front side, this material has a coating of soft, fleecy knitwear, thanks to which this one does not rustle. It is the membrane that provides windproof properties to this suit. It is not blown, it does not let water through, it does not trap liquid dirt. This material does not change the properties in the cold, perfectly cleaned, does not fade in the sun, does not get stuck.

Membrane Gorka-winter suit in SnowStorm suit is insulated with an elastic nonwoven fabric soft hollofiber, which consists of specially curled fibers. This is a light material that allows warm air through the fibers, but does not allow thermal energy to go outside. This ensures the redistribution of warm air inside the suit and creates a uniform temperature environment for the body. In addition, holofiber soft has good vapor permeability, is not afraid of water. It does not crack, does not go astray – serves for a long time faithfully for the whole life of the product. Thanks to the listed properties and qualities, holofiber soft is actively used today in special professional and sports winter clothes.

As a lining for the jacket and semi-overalls, the manufacturer used a warm, dense fleece. The manufacturer did not use this material only in the sleeves and trousers – from the knees and below. There he was replaced by the usual taffeta – a fabric that perfectly slides and which is designed to simplify the process of removing and putting on this kit.

The “Gorka” winter camouflage suit was created specifically for hunters and fishermen, as well as for snow safari lovers who prefer to move through forests and valleys on open SUVs and fast snowmobiles. The suit forms a uniform insulating shell that can withstand significant wind loads. In the sleeves there are additional cuffs that protect against blowing and fine snow dust.

  • Manufacturer:  Russia
  • Country of Origin: Russia
  • Weight: 3700 g
  • Upper material: membrane, 100% pe. Density 220 g / m2
    • top layer: knitted fabric, does not rustle
  • membrane, indistinct: 3000 ml / 24 hours vapor permeability; 8000 mm / 24 hours water tower
  • Insulation / Lining: Hollofiber, soft (not bulky)
    • Jacket:
      • 200 g / m2 in sleeves, fleece lining with a density of 180 g / m2
      • torso: 400 g / m2, fleece lining with a density of 180 g / m2
    • Bib Overalls:
      • from torso to mid-calf: 200 g / m2, fleece lining with a density of 180 g / m2
      • from the middle of the calf and until the end of the leg of the insulation there is no possibility for refueling the leg in the inside of the boot or boot
  • Number of pockets:
    • on the jacket: 11 pockets
    • 2 on the sleeves
    • 1 hidden inside pocket with zipper
    • 2 inner bottom pockets of bag type with velcro fastening
    • 2 chest pockets with hidden zipper with the entrance "cross to cross"
    • 2 chest pockets with hidden zipper with direct entrance
    • 2 bottom pockets with 2 button closure. Insulated fleece
      • Inside the pocket is a small "divider" pocket with a velcro closure. One in each pocket
    • on semi-overalls: 6 pockets
      • 2 chest with zipper
      • 2 front without fastener
      • 2 side thighs with a fastener on 2 buttons
  • Features of the model:
    • Jacket:
      • shoulder system of a free cut for full freedom of the movement of hands. Sleeves do not bully when raising hands up.
      • fleece jacket or thick sweater to hook freely.
      • knitted cuff for protection from cold air when moving your arms
      • adjustment of a hood on volume and on a face form
      • hood detachable
      • protection of the neck and face from the "cold" lightning
      • double-sided zipper with a windproof flap and velcro closure
      • adjustment of a jacket on a waist by an elastic cord
      • adjustment of a jacket on a bottom elastic cord
      • velcro cuff volume adjustment
    • Bib Overalls:
      • belt loops 5 cm wide
      • suspenders with quick adjustment along the entire length
      • central double zipper closure with internal windproof flap
      • The bottom of the trousers has a double leg. On the inside leg there is a "brake"
      • rear leg adjustment
  • Recommended temperature range: -40 ° C to -5 ° C


Size table
Size Waist, cm Chest, cm Height, cm
36-38/158-164 72-80 84-92 158-167
40-42/170-176 80-88 92-100 170-179
44-46/170-176 88-96 100-108 170-179
44-46/182-188 88-96 100-108 180-189
48-50/170-176 96-104 108-116 170-179
48-50/182-188 96-104 108-116 180-189
52-54/170-176 104-112 116-124 170-179
52-54/182-188 104-112 116-124 180-189
56-58/182-188 112-120 124-132 180-189
60-62/182-188 120-128 132-140 180-189

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Membrane Gorka-winter suit in SnowStorm

Additional information

Weight 3.8 kg
Dimensions 20 × 20 × 20 cm

44-46/170-176, 48-50/170-176, 48-50/182-188, 52-54/170-176, 52-54/182-188, 56-58/182-188, 60-62/182-188


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