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Membrane Gorka-winter suit in MU-Blur


8000 mm/24 hours/m2
3000 ml/24 hours/m2
-40 Co to -5 Co

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Membrane Gorka-winter suit in MU-Blur

“Gorka-winter” – windproof suit with a membrane top with camouflage pattern “MU-Blur”

“Gorka-winter” is a set of special windproof clothes for outdoor activities, fishing, hunting, military games and snow safaris on all-terrain vehicles and snowmobiles. The kit consists of a warm jacket and semi-overalls. The outer insulating jacket of the suit is a special membrane material with a protective coating of colored knitwear. Membrane material with a velvety texture bears on itself the winter camouflage pattern “MU-Blur”. It does not rustle when crushed, does not glare in the sun, does not change its properties under the influence of negative temperatures. The Gorka-Zima suit is not blown by the wind, therefore the manufacturer recommends the product for trips in open vehicles.

The jacket and semi-overalls the producer warmed a nonwoven material a hollofayber software. This fabric, which consists of highly curved polyester microfiber. The material of such coils and springs has a small volume, which remains stable regardless of the intensity of operation of the product. The filler from holofiber software does not fall down, retains a uniform structure. Hollofiber soft is the most demanded material-insulation for everyday as well as special – sports and professional clothing. It allows air to circulate between the fibers, which ensures internal thermoregulation. Hollofiber soft – non-toxic material that does not cause allergic reactions.

The central fastener in the jacket of the Gorka-winter suit with a two-lock zipper. From blowing it closes windproof strap, which is fixed with velcro fasteners. The hood of the jacket is removable, adjustable – in terms of volume and face contour.

The jacket is pulled down at the waist and along the bottom contour with elastic cords with plastic clips. In the area of ​​the wrists, the sleeves are adjusted by Velcro straps. An elastic cuff is inserted inside each sleeve, which does not allow blowing snow dust into the sleeve. Pockets on the jacket 11.

The lining of the jacket and trousers combined. In the area of ​​the torso, it is made of fleece – fleece vest. In the sleeves, the manufacturer made a lining of taffeta, it slides freely and thus simplifies putting on the trigger. The semi-overall from the top to the knees also has a fleece lining, and from the knees and below – from the taffeta. On the bottom of the leg of the semi-overalls, the manufacturer made the anthers, arranged according to the principle of the leg of the leg in the leg: the inner leg is tucked into the bootleg of the jumper or boot, and the outer leg is overlapped.

The semi-overalls has the central fastener on a lightning. It closes the lower part of the torso to chest level. The volume of the leg just below the level of the knee bend is regulated by a Velcro strap.

  • Manufacturer:  Russia
  • Country of Origin: Russia
  • Weight: 3700 g
  • Upper material: membrane, 100% pe. Density 220 g / m2
    • top layer: knitted fabric, does not rustle
  • membrane, indistinct: 3000 ml / 24 hours vapor permeability; 8000 mm / 24 hours water tower
  • Insulation / Lining: Hollofiber, soft (not bulky)
    • Jacket:
      • 200 g / m2 in sleeves, fleece lining with a density of 180 g / m2
      • torso: 400 g / m2, fleece lining with a density of 180 g / m2
    • Bib Overalls:
      • from torso to mid-calf: 200 g / m2, fleece lining with a density of 180 g / m2
      • from the middle of the calf and until the end of the leg of the insulation there is no possibility for refueling the leg in the inside of the boot or boot
  • Number of pockets:
    • on the jacket: 11 pockets
    • 2 on the sleeves
    • 1 hidden inside pocket with zipper
    • 2 inner bottom pockets of bag type with velcro fastening
    • 2 chest pockets with hidden zipper with the entrance "cross to cross"
    • 2 chest pockets with hidden zipper with direct entrance
    • 2 bottom pockets with 2 button closure. Insulated fleece
      • Inside the pocket is a small "divider" pocket with a velcro closure. One in each pocket
    • on semi-overalls: 6 pockets
      • 2 chest with zipper
      • 2 front without fastener
      • 2 side thighs with a fastener on 2 buttons
  • Features of the model:
    • Jacket:
      • shoulder system of a free cut for full freedom of the movement of hands. Sleeves do not bully when raising hands up.
      • fleece jacket or thick sweater to hook freely.
      • knitted cuff for protection from cold air when moving your arms
      • adjustment of a hood on volume and on a face form
      • hood detachable
      • protection of the neck and face from the "cold" lightning
      • double-sided zipper with a windproof flap and velcro closure
      • adjustment of a jacket on a waist by an elastic cord
      • adjustment of a jacket on a bottom elastic cord
      • velcro cuff volume adjustment
    • Bib Overalls:
      • belt loops 5 cm wide
      • suspenders with quick adjustment along the entire length
      • central double zipper closure with internal windproof flap
      • The bottom of the trousers has a double leg. On the inside leg there is a "brake"
      • rear leg adjustment
  • Recommended temperature range: -40 ° C to -5 ° C


Size table
Size Waist, cm Chest, cm Height, cm
44-46/170-176 86-92 90-98 170-179
48-50/170-176 92-98 98-106 170-179
48-50/182-188 92-98 98-106 180-189
52-54/170-176 98-106 106-114 170-179
52-54/182-188 98-106 106-114 180-189
56-58/182-188 106-114 114-122 180-189
60-62/182-188 114-122 122-130 180-189


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Additional information

Weight 3.8 kg
Dimensions 20 × 20 × 20 cm

44-46/170-176, 48-50/170-176, 48-50/182-188, 52-54/170-176, 52-54/182-188, 56-58/182-188, 60-62/182-188


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