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Gorka-5 suit in khaki fleece removable lining, multicam knee and elbow pad


  • Manufacturer: Russia.
  • Weight: 2665 g
  • Recommended temperature range: from 0 Со  to  +15 Со
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“Gorka-5” made of tent cloth is a classic suit which was redesigned and substantially improved

Attention! The patches and Boonie hat shown on the picture are not included in the set but can be ordered.

This version of “Gorka-5” includes a redesigned and fleece lined jacket. The detachable fleece lining is made in the shape of a vest; it can’t be worn on its own, though.  Working as a basic layer, the fleece lining provides excellent insulation which is very practical in the mountain climate. Besides, it wicks away the moisture. In order to dry the lining, just unfasten it. Anyway, it’s easier to wash fleece than tent cloth, and it dries faster.

The fabric (tent cloth) used for the Gorka-5 suit in khaki fleece removable lining, multicam pads set is approved by the Russian Ministry of Defence. This is 100% cotton that features a special type of weaving made of twisted yarn. Due to this structure the fabric has wind/waterproof properties preserved during the whole service life.

Both jacket and trousers create a two-layer outer shell for the whole body. Additional reinforced layers are made of wear/tear-resistant fabric that is not afraid of abrasive surfaces.

The set includes individual protective pads (8mm thick) for elbows and knees which ensure comfort and safety. They are inserted in special slots on the sleeves and trouser legs; can be easily removed. The pads are made of isolon – waterproof and heat-insulating material.

The parka jacket is elongated (mid-thigh long); it comes with a high neck hood, drawstring at waist and hem; Velcro straps on sleeves and trouser legs. The sleeve has anatomic design (elbow curve and gusset under the armpit) which provides comfortable fit and ease of movement.

Size and parameters of the model on the picture:

  • Chest: 106 cm
  • Waist: 95 cm
  • Height: 180 cm
  • Size: 44-46/ 170-176
  • Manufacturer: Russia.
  • Weight: 2665 g (valid for size 48-50/ height 170-176).
  • Outer shell:
    • Tent fabric: 100% cotton, 270g/m2 density. Manufacturer: Yegorievsk clothing production complex.
    • Reinforced by wear-resistant fabric: 50% polyester, 50% cotton. Manufacturer: Mogilyov clothing production complex.
  • Lining/ Insulation
    • Fleece lining, density 180 g/m2.
    • The suit has two layers, some areas are reinforced by three layers:
      • elbows, shoulders, chest, back and hood are reinforced by two layers;
      • knees are reinforced by three layers;
      • seat and leg bottoms are reinforced by two layers.
  • Pockets
    • Jacket: 8 total
      • Two zipppered pockets with a hook-and-loop tape on arms.
      • Two zippered chest pockets.
      • Two bellow buttoned pockets with one small inside pocket.
      • Two inside chest zippered pockets.
    • Trousers:  6 total.
      • Two side pockets.
      • Two thigh buttoned pockets.
      • Two back buttoned pockets.
  • Complete set.
    • Anatomic knee pads made of Isolon (8mm thick).
    • Anatomic elbow pads made of Isolon (8mm thick).
    • Adjustable suspenders.
    • Covers for Velcro strips to underpin insignia.
    • Fleece lining designed as vest.
    • NOTE:  hats and chevrons on the photo are not included in the set.
  • Model Features
    • Hood can be adjusted to the desired volume and depth
    • Visor (30 mm)
    • Drawstring at the hem of the jacket
    • Waist drawstring
    • Drawstring at the waist of the trousers
    • Cuffs can be adjusted to the desired volume
    • Leg bottoms can be adjusted
    • Knee and elbow pads are inserted outside
    • Anatomic design of the arm: the bend at the elbow and gusset in the underpart of sleeve enhance comfort and ease of movement (the jacket keeps its shape when arms are lifted up)
    • Zippered vented armpits, net protection
    • Adjustable, removable suspenders
    • Sciatic seam with a chain stitch (elastic)
    • Velcro codpiece zip
    • Two-way front zipper with a Velcro windproof flap
    • Zipper tooth tips to ease pocket opening when gloved
    • Pads on sleeves for mounting insignia
    • Particularly strong threads of the fabric; breaking load:  2,55kg per 1 centimeter
    • Flap on the zipper
    • Seven loops for the belt (50 mm width)
    • Buttons sewn through the tape
    • “Brakes” on leg bottoms
  • Recommended temperature range: from 0 Со  to  +15 Со
Size Waist Chest Height
36-38/158-164 72-80 84-92 158-167
40-42/164-170 80-88 92-100 164-173
40-42/170-176 80-88 92-100 170-179
44-46/164-170 88-96 100-108 164-173
44-46/170-176 88-96 100-108 170-179
44-46/182-188 88-96 100-108 180-189
48-50/170-176 96-104 108-116 170-179
48-50/182-188 96-104 108-116 180-189
52-54/170-176 104-112 116-124 170-179
52-54/182-188 104-112 116-124 180-189
56-58/182-188 112-120 124-132 180-189
60-62/182-188 120-128 132-140 180-189
64-66/182-188 128-136 140-148 180-189
68-70/182-188 136-142 148-156 180-189

Additional information

Weight 2.9 kg
Dimensions 20 × 30 × 30 cm

40-42/170-176 (in stock), 44-46/170-176 (in stock), 44-46/182-188 (last ones), 48-50/170-176 (in stock), 48-50/182-188 (last ones), 52-54/170-176 (last ones), 52-54/182-188 (last ones), 56-58/182-188 (qty: 2)


Kamuflage, KE tactical


Khaki, Multicam


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