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Gorka-3 rip-stop insulated with fleece Pogranichnaya Tsifra


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The insulated Gorka suit on fleece is an excellent outfit for late autumn and early spring. Comfortable, lightweight, warm, practical – it is ideal for both a quiet pastime and a highly active one. This costume is recommended for hunters and fishermen, naturalist photographers, tourists, law enforcement officers and fans of military games, geological prospectors, forestry and water management workers.

The suit is made of a dense blend of half cotton and half polyester. It is resistant to wear, does not rustle, confidently retains colors after repeated washings, if damaged, torn edges do not crumble into threads, and gusts do not expand. A lining made of soft, pleasant to the touch fleece acts as a heater. This material is also of high quality: it does not stretch, perfectly absorbs excess moisture, dries well.

The suit consists of a jacket and trousers. The jacket has a hood that fits well to the size of the head of a particular person. It has a visor that protects from the sun and drops of rainwater. The hood has a wide neckline that fastens with buttons and covers the neck from the front to the chin.

The jacket is very comfortable: it does not constrain in movements, and thanks to two drawstring cords at the waist and at the bottom, it can be adjusted to the figure of a person. The sleeves also have cuffs to prevent debris and insects from spilling under the jacket.

The jacket is equipped with six convenient pockets: two trim pockets on the sides, two trim pockets on the chest, two patch pockets on the sleeves. The first ones have flaps with buttons on the buttons, the second ones are fastened with a zipper, the third ones are fixed with Velcro. There is also one inside pocket for storing documents and money.

The trousers are made of the same materials: the top is ripstop camouflage fabric, the bottom is lined with warm fleece. The trousers are fixed at the waist with an elastic band and a drawstring. Belt loops available. As befits a Gorka, the trousers have suspenders, they are removable.

At the bottom of the legs, there are cuffs-anthers, which allow you to wear trousers outside, or vice versa, it is convenient to tuck into the boot shaft. There are 6 trouser pockets – two upper trimming and two lower patch pockets – on the sides above the knees and two in the back. The hip and back pockets have a flap with a button closure.

The Gorka suit on fleece is an excellent solution for windy, cold weather.


Manufacturer: KE Tactical, Russia

  • Country of origin: Russia
  • Weight: 2400g
  • Top material:
    • rip stop, 50% cotton – 50% pe
    • reinforcement: rip-stop, 50% cotton – 50% pe
  • Lining / insulation: fleece, density 180 g / m2. The suit is completely insulated with fleece: jacket, hood including trousers.
  • Number of pockets: 13
    • on jacket: 7
      • 2 on sleeves with Velcro
      • 2 lower ones with a button closure with protection against falling objects
      • 2 bibs with a criss-cross entrance with a zipper
      • 1 inner with Velcro
    • on trousers: 6
      • 2 side
      • 2 thighs with a button closure with protection against falling objects
      • 2 back with button closure
  • Features of the model:
    • buttons sewn through the tape
    • adjustable hood in terms of volume and depth
    • zipped jacket on the bottom
    • waist tightening of the jacket
    • elasticated trousers with drawstring waist
    • removable adjustable suspenders
    • "brakes" at the bottom of the leg
  • Recommended temperature range: -5 C to +10 C

Updates as of July 2015.

1. Suspenders are steel adjustable. The shape of the suspenders has been changed to prevent them from skewing

2. Added zippered chest pockets.

3. The codpiece on the trousers has been redesigned with a zipper with a central Velcro at the top for the possibility of unfastening in


Size Waist Chest Height
36-38/158-164 72-80 84-92 158-167
40-42/164-170 80-88 92-100 164-173
40-42/170-176 80-88 92-100 170-179
44-46/164-170 88-96 100-108 164-173
44-46/170-176 88-96 100-108 170-179
44-46/182-188 88-96 100-108 180-189
48-50/170-176 96-104 108-116 170-179
48-50/182-188 96-104 108-116 180-189
52-54/170-176 104-112 116-124 170-179
52-54/182-188 104-112 116-124 180-189
56-58/182-188 112-120 124-132 180-189
60-62/182-188 120-128 132-140 180-189
64-66/182-188 128-136 140-148 180-189
68-70/182-188 136-142 148-156 180-189

Additional information

Weight 2.5 kg
Dimensions 20 × 30 × 30 cm

36-38/158-164, 40-42/164-170, 40-42/170-176, 44-46/164-170, 44-46/170-176, 44-46/182-188, 44-46/194-200, 48-50/170-176, 48-50/182-188, 48-50/194-200, 52-54/170-176, 52-54/182-188, 52-54/192-200, 56-58/182-188, 56-58/194-200, 60-62/182-188, 68-70/182-188


Kamuflage, KE tactical




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