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Gorka-3 rip-stop insulated with fleece AT-digital


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Demi-season "Gorka" on fleece. Clothes worth buying!

We present to your attention an improved demi-season field suit "Gorka", made according to the military model. This product is a proprietary development of specialists from the production department of the Camouflage ru trademark and meets the highest requirements in terms of functionality and quality.

The insulated windproof "Gorka" suit in this version is designed to be worn in cool or moderately cold climates. Two options for wearing are allowed – on the body or over additional insulation layers. The outer shell of the suit is made of breathable fabric, the lining-insulation perfectly permeates air and steam, absorbs moisture well, therefore the suit is recommended for low, medium and high activity.

Three items are included in the package: jacket, trousers and removable suspenders. The jacket and trousers have a loose fit and complement each other perfectly. The suit does not restrict movement. In it, you can perform covert observation from shelter and in open space, you can actively move over rough terrain, overcome various obstacles, climb steep mountain walls, climb trees, crawl, run, jump, practice hand-to-hand combat techniques.

The jacket has a small margin of volume, but its size can be easily adjusted to the figure with an adjusting cord tightened at the waist. The central fastener is partially concealed, with buttons sewn through the tape. It is protected from blowing by a windbreak. The buttons are hidden behind it, and only the lowest and the top three are in plain sight.

This suit is somewhat different from the "Gorka" on fleece, which "Camouflage ru" sold earlier. The jacket now has a couple of additional pockets on the chest. They are trimmed and zipped. The slots of the pockets are located vertically, which is made for easy access with the opposing hand – crosswise. The rest of the pockets remain the same. There are a pair of lower ones – with flaps that are fastened with buttons. There are a pair of patch pockets on the sleeves in the bicep area.

In addition, the trousers of the suit are now fastened with Velcro in the belt, and the codpiece – with a zipper. The braces have also been improved.

The outer shell of the suit is made of high quality blended fabric with reinforcing threads. The material carries a highly effective camouflage pattern that is resistant to fading from washing and solar ultraviolet radiation. The suit is insulated with a fleece lining. It does not stretch, and the material itself is pleasant to the body. The lining does not restrict movement and does not create inconvenience during long-term continuous wear.

Looking for a comfortable and practical camouflage suit for the cool off-season? Do you like quality things and know the price of them? Buy "Gorka" on fleece, and as soon as it is in your hands, you will understand that you have purchased exactly the thing you wanted!


Manufacturer: KE Tactical, Russia

  • Country of origin: Russia
  • Weight: 2400g
  • Top material:
    • rip stop, 50% cotton – 50% pe
    • reinforcement: rip-stop, 50% cotton – 50% pe
  • Lining / insulation: fleece, density 180 g / m2. The suit is completely insulated with fleece: jacket, hood including trousers.
  • Number of pockets: 13
    • on jacket: 7
      • 2 on sleeves with Velcro
      • 2 lower ones with a button closure with protection against falling objects
      • 2 bibs with a criss-cross entrance with a zipper
      • 1 inner with Velcro
    • on trousers: 6
      • 2 side
      • 2 thighs with a button closure with protection against falling objects
      • 2 back with button closure
  • Features of the model:
    • buttons sewn through the tape
    • adjustable hood in terms of volume and depth
    • zipped jacket on the bottom
    • waist tightening of the jacket
    • elasticated trousers with drawstring waist
    • removable adjustable suspenders
    • "brakes" at the bottom of the leg
  • Recommended temperature range: -5 C to +10 C

Updates as of July 2015.

1. Suspenders are steel adjustable. The shape of the suspenders has been changed to prevent them from skewing

2. Added zippered chest pockets.

3. The codpiece on the trousers has been redesigned with a zipper with a central Velcro at the top for the possibility of unfastening in


Size Waist Chest Height
36-38/158-164 72-80 84-92 158-167
40-42/164-170 80-88 92-100 164-173
40-42/170-176 80-88 92-100 170-179
44-46/164-170 88-96 100-108 164-173
44-46/170-176 88-96 100-108 170-179
44-46/182-188 88-96 100-108 180-189
48-50/170-176 96-104 108-116 170-179
48-50/182-188 96-104 108-116 180-189
52-54/170-176 104-112 116-124 170-179
52-54/182-188 104-112 116-124 180-189
56-58/182-188 112-120 124-132 180-189
60-62/182-188 120-128 132-140 180-189
64-66/182-188 128-136 140-148 180-189
68-70/182-188 136-142 148-156 180-189

Additional information

Weight 2.5 kg
Dimensions 20 × 30 × 30 cm

36-38/158-164, 40-42/164-170, 40-42/170-176, 44-46/164-170, 44-46/170-176, 44-46/182-188, 44-46/194-200, 48-50/170-176, 48-50/182-188, 48-50/194-200, 52-54/170-176, 52-54/182-188, 52-54/192-200, 56-58/182-188, 56-58/194-200, 60-62/182-188, 68-70/182-188


Kamuflage, KE tactical




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