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Summer camouflage suit Russian spetsnaz



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Summer camouflage suit Russian spetsnaz.

Costume design as simple and functional. Jacket with zipper and hood.

Two patch pockets on the belt. Sleeves with elastic cuffs. Trousers with two slotted pockets. The belt and cuffs of trousers with an elastic band.

Made of shirt fabric T/C 65/35 130g/m with the composition of 35% cotton and 65% polyester. This is the optimal ratio of yarns of different origin fabric ensures exceptional quality of consumer.

Synthetic base yarns give the fabric high physical and mechanical properties, and cotton contributes to the comfort and convenience, good hygienic performance.

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Summer camouflage

Additional information

Weight 0.5 kg
Dimensions 20 × 20 × 20 cm

40-42/1-2(158-164 cm), 40-42/1-2(62.2-64.5 in), 44-46/3-4(170-176 cm), 44-46/3-4(66.9-69.3 in), 48-50/3-4(170-176 cm), 48-50/3-4(66.9-69.3 in), 48-50/5-6(182-188 cm), 48-50/5-6(71.6-74.0 in), 52-54/3-4(170-176 cm), 52-54/3-4(66.9-69.3 in), 52-54/5-6(182-188 cm), 52-54/5-6(71.6-74.0 in), 56-58/3-4(170-176 cm), 56-58/3-4(66.9-69.3 in), 56-58/5-6(182-188 cm), 56-58/5-6(71.6-74.0 in), 60-62/5-6(182-188 cm), 56-58/5-6(71.6-74.0 in)


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