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Partizan-M camouflage suit Russian spetsnaz SSO (Sposn)

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Partizan-M camouflage suit summer turnout suit SSO (Sposn).

Partizan-M camouflage suit provides better camouflage than conventional suits.

Summer camouflage suit sided "Partizan-M" The costume consists of a blouse with a hood and trousers and carrying case. To conceal the soldier on different types of terrain backgrounds, deforming pattern is applied to suit the fabric on the front and reverse side.

The face of the fabric dyed with the colors of the desert – steppe (mountain) background, from the inside to plant yellow background. Bilateral camouflage suits and overalls used during the Second World War in Germany, the American armies in the post-war period stood on the supply and widely used in the Soviet army (overalls camouflage modernized sample 1957).

In modern conditions of bilateral camouflage cloaks used by the IDF, bilateral suits standing on the supply to the French mountain infantry troops. The British Army used two-way winter warmed set. Bilateral suit provides better, compared to the conventional costume disguise – when moving the unit to the complex terrain is impractical to use a single version of the staining.

The presence of bilateral costume allows the soldier to exclude from the kit worn property additional masking agent, which reduces the weight of the set of equipment at the best masking properties. To accommodate the property included in the first echelon of the suit is equipped with ten pockets, four pockets on the blouse and six pockets on the trousers (two rear, two side loin, two in the upper part of the thigh). pockets valves are duplicated on both sides and fastened with a button fastening to the leg of the braid.
Through a slot in the tissue can be transferred to the button wrong side. The hood is fitted blouse in volume two cords threaded into the scenes at the rear of the hood and in the facial recess. The waist fitted blouse cord threaded into the scenes. On the wrist shirt shrinks a rubber band. To disguise the hands of sleeves attached to the bottom of the middle finger loop. The cut blouses fastened with buttons with feet of tape.
Waistband is adjustable in volume of gum ties and cord threaded into the scenes. It is also equipped with a belt shlёvkami for a lap belt and loops for removable help with hooks. The bottom of the pants pulled together with rubber bands. For fixing elements to suit local vegetation blouse and pants trimmed with horizontal shlёvkami. Free design of a jacket and trousers Suit allows you to use as outerwear, worn on the field summer suit, gear and warm clothes.

Used for sewing, mixed (67% polyester 33% cotton) fabric plain weave density of 160 gr. / M.² and colored light resistant dyes are not decrypted in the infrared range.

Suit Weight 900 – 1200 m. depending on the density of fabric.

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Partizam-m sso, sposn Size table


– jacket with a hood
– pants
– screens / scrim
– Case for transport

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Weight 1.9 kg
Dimensions 20 × 20 × 20 cm

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6 reviews for Partizan-M camouflage suit Russian spetsnaz SSO (Sposn)

  1. frank

    Great suit. Excellent for hunting or other outdoor-activities. Not too heavy, not too light, ample pocketspace. Summer-side camo works great in dutch woodlands; winter-side appears a bit light at first glance but blends really good with the surroundings once out in the open, especially in fall conditions.
    Excellent manufacturing quality: everything is double stitched, suit is made of durable and sturdy fabric but does not feel heavy. Nice detail: through a nifty design the buttons of the pockets work at both sides.

  2. David Alden

    Here is my feedback : I am so happy with the Anorak camouflage suit I recently purchased. It arrived right on time, according to what I was told. There were even nice bonus surprises items included, along with my ordered suit. Thank you again for friendly, professional customer service and an excellent product.

  3. C S

    Overall I am very satisfied with both this Partizan M Suit and the performance of the seller. Suit is made from quality materials and assembly workmanship is much better than I had expected. Both camouflage prints are excellent here in our Appalachian Woodlands. The brown Autumn "Oakleaf" pattern was the main reason I purchased this set. This is an excellent print and even works fairly well in a green dominant setting. I purchased this suit mainly for Autumn/Winter hunting use. In fact I like it well enough to have just ordered the sister suit from this seller-Partizan Summer. Seller was prompt and professional. Shipping was not overly excessive. 10-14 days appear the norm to the US. I would highly recommend these SSO-SPOSN articles to anyone. Russian goods are far better now than they were back in the 1990s and early 2000's.

    This Partizan-M suit is a bit too heavy to wear in Summer. (Not really a true downside). My advise is simply to order both the Partizan suits.

  4. Spetsnaz57

    Partizan M set of very high quality. Fast delivery in France between 15 and 20 days, secure payment via paypal and excellent relationship with the seller, he answered my questions as soon as possible.
    Durable fabric of great finish, the fabric effectively protects against the wind, I wore all with temperatures between 2 and 5 degrees.
    Color and pattern are beautiful.
    In addition the buttons work very well despite the change of face. The pockets are very big.
    Very nice clothes to wear. I highly recommend.

  5. jccp46

    I'm partizan M user, and it's the best I've been able to buy, it's perfect to camouflage and in autumn it's perfect for Spain's climate. I would not change it for anything because it is a very special suit. And everyone when he sees you with him is as if they had seen a fenix bird.

  6. Cj

    This is top quality and at a good price. Dimitriy answered all my questions, and this arrived quickly in the USA. Perfect for fall or spring, a little hefty for summer. Very pleased with this purchase, and pleased with this seller.

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