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korund vm armor

Korund vm armor Russian OMON, FSB tactical hard сase


Korund vm armor of the Russian OMON, specnaz FSB. Without plates. Dense. Perfect for airsoft !

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Korund vm armor Russian OMON, FSB tactical hard сase

Korund vm armor of the Russian OMON, specnaz FSB . Without plates. Dense. Perfect for airsoft !


The vest consists of two sections – in front of and back interconnected by means releasably-regulating device. Sections include external covers placed inside them with protective elements – shields (before, back, apron, collar forehand, back of the collar, shoulders and sidewalls), antirikoshetnymi screens (before and back), and armor elements.


To improve the ergonomics of the product, the front section is composed of two armor elements installed in the body armor with the overlap. Back section is composed of one armor elements.

In the sides of the outer cover of the back section, there are pockets in which are mounted shields the sidewalls. Protective screens sides have pockets for additional steel armor elements to protect the sides.


On the inner surface of sections is ventilation-absorbing system (damper), designed to reduce the contusion and education channels for natural ventilation podzhiletnogo space.

Keeps protective properties at ambient temperatures from minus 40 to plus 50 ° C, relative humidity up to 100%, and when exposed to precipitation.

Size 2: Chest 104+ cm. / Height 170-188 cm.


Body armor

Сarrying bag

Soft armor (ballistic cloth)

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Korund vm armor

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