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Vdv assault backpack RPD-25 digital flora


Volume: 25L
Weight: 1100 g
Sizes of side pockets: Height 30cm; Depth10cm; Width 150cm.
Manufacturer: PROFARMY, Tactical, Russia

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Vdv assault backpack RPD-25 digital flora

Satchel Assault RPD-25 pixel from PROFARMY
The airborne satchel RPD-25 is designed for carrying and placing in it the individual property of a serviceman and or elements of ammunition.
The knapsack is focused on use with equipment such as M.O.L.L.E.
Performance characteristics;


The airborne satchel consists of three volumes: the central main and two external ones; it is possible to install other cartridge pouches of the M.O.L.L.E.
The central volume has a tube adjustable in volume with a cord with a retainer.
The tube allows you to increase the volume by 4 liters.
Also, the central volume has a sewn-in water-repellent inner pocket.
The amphibious pack is compatible with all equipment such as M.O.L.L.E. both according to the method of attachment, and whenever possible combination with other elements of individual equipment.
All the volumes and pockets of the knapsack are closed with volumetric valves to protect against moisture, sand and protect against accidental loss of the contents.
The satchel is equipped with a camouflage (for winter) water-repellent cover.
All pockets and the central volume of the satchel have openings in its lower part — eyelets for gathering water or moisture;
All the volumes and pockets of the knapsack are closed with locks made of durable frost-resistant polymer;
The outer pocket for a shovel is closed with straps on the buttons.
In the inner surface of the valve central volume has a pocket for documents;
On the upper surface of the combat pack there is a belt carrying handle;
On the bottom surface of the knapsack there is a mount for mounting additional equipment (cape, rope);


Sizes of the central volume: 25 liters
Sizes of side pockets: Height, mm .: 300; Depth, mm: 100; Width, mm: 150.
Color: Pixel
Note: * Possible color distortion due to the individual settings of your monitor.
Made in Russia. PROFARMY

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6sh112 backpack Digital flora

Additional information

Weight 1.2 kg
Dimensions 40 × 40 × 35 cm
Backpack volume





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