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UMBTS 6sh112 backpack 25 liters in with slings «Moss»


Volume: 25L
Weight: 1055 g
Upper Material: 100% Polyamide, 500 Den
The size: height 41.5 cm (55 cm with extension) width 28 cm
Manufacturer: KE Tactical, Russia

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UMBTS 6sh112 backpack Moss 25 liters

Knapsack patrol UMBTS 6sh112 in the coloring «Moss». Movement without restrictions

Kits of equipment UMBTS 6sh112 are in great demand, both among professional military men and among the fans of modern military games. Universal modular transport-combat system 6ш112 was born just recently, but instantly became incredibly popular and registered in the category of goods "nowhere-not-buy". Shop "" offers you a knapsack from this set of equipment, made in a non-standard camouflage coloring "Moss".

The engineers of the company made a couple of important changes. As the main material, they used a stronger and dense fabric – nylon. This is a 100% equivalent of Cordura. The material of the knapsack is covered with polyurethane, which does not allow water and dirt to be absorbed into the fibers. Therefore, the product dries quickly and is easy to clean.

The satchel is compatible with any other standard UMBTS 6sh112 elements. The total volume of the product is 25 liters. The knapsack has a main compartment and two small ones located on the sides. The large compartment has a volume of 20 liters, small – on 2.6 liters. All three compartments are equipped with soft mouths, which are pulled with strong cords. On top, the compartments are closed with valves from the main fabric, and they are fixed with slings on fast-connect couplings of the type "Fastecs".

The volume of the compartment can be adjusted with the help of pulling lines of variable length. Slings are both vertically located, and horizontal. This is important for fixing the contents of the knapsack when it is not fully loaded.

6sh112 Backpack Moss is equipped with a pair of straps made of high-strength lanyards with wide elastic lining. The length of the straps is adjustable in a wide range, which is important for the winter period, when the knapsack will be worn over warm clothes. On the chest there is a connecting jumper on the quick-release connection of the type "Fastecs". The back of the satchel is soft, with elastic filler. It is embossed: in summer, special intersecting grooves provide ventilation and efficient drainage of moisture and steam from the contact spot.

The 6sh112 backpack Moss can be used in various conditions and circumstances. It allows you to take more equipment and equipment with you. From the bottom, to the bottom, you can adorn a folded mat or sleeping bag – for them special slings are provided. On the front panel, on the compartment valves, on the sides of the pockets, there are standard Molle cells. You can attach compatible equipment and additional pouches to them.

Manufacturer: Russia
Weight: 1055 g
The size:

  • main compartment: height 41.5 cm (55 cm with extension) width 28 cm, thickness 14.5 cm – 20 liters (about 2.3 liters loss on the neck of the throat)
  • side pockets: height 28 cm, width 12.5 cm, thickness 7.5 cm – 2 pockets of 2.6 liters

Volume: 25 liters
Upper material: 100% nylon, Cordura fabric equivalent, density 500Den with PU coating 1000 mm water column.
Frame: no
Lining: no
Breaking load on the threads: not less than 4.5 kg per cm
Fixation on the belt: no
Number of pockets:

  • 1 main compartment with double neckline cord, valve with zip fastener
  • 2 side pockets with a cord lanyard and a flap fastener
  • 1 flat pocket on the backpack cover with a velcro fastener in the size of 29 cm x 24 cm
  • 1 flat pocket inside the main compartment with a velcro closure of 31 cm x 24 cm

Features of the model:

  • soft back and shoulder straps
  • back with ventilation ducts
  • compatible with MOLLE
  • adjustment of the backpack by volume 4 slings. 2 slings are pulled vertically, 2 slings horizontally
  • on the bottom are slings for fixing a rug or sleeping bag
  • water drainage holes in all compartments

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Additional information

Weight 1.5 kg
Dimensions 40 × 40 × 35 cm
Backpack volume



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