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"RYS" gobag backpack by SSO (Sposn)


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"RYS" gobag backpack by SSO (Sposn) 10l.

Tactical single-strap backpack (10l) "RYS".
We present our small one strap backpack "RYS" from SSO company. Overall dimensions of a backpack: 480x170x140 mm. The total volume – 10 liters. "RYS" gobag refers to today's popular ultra-light class assault backpacks.
The product is intended for a wide range of military and civilian users, convenient for field and urban use. Separately, "RYS" gobag SSO will appreciate the doctors, rescue workers, photographers, motorcyclists and cyclists. Backpack is a convenient and durable carry-on luggage for longer trips, and its dimensions make it possible to carry it even in the interior of the passenger airliner. Colour: olive, black, range, range-SCWO (some other colors available on request).

"RYS" gobag sso

Backpack has a rectangular shape with slightly rounded upper corners. Durable Nylon zipper that goes almost around the perimeter of the front of the pack (except the bottom side) allows to reveal its main compartment completely, like a suitcase. Thus, you can get quick access to any outfit, lying in the main compartment.
Even more functional "RYS" gobag sso makes rigid internal removable shelf-partition with Velcro, allowing to divide the main compartment backpack into two separate compartments. The lower half of the inner wall (adjacent the back) of the main compartment of the backpack pocket provided with a solid mesh fabric. In his pocket, having some volume, easy to store any thing, the position of which must be uniform and stable in relation to other equipment.

"RYS" gobag sso

The second main compartment inner pocket of mesh fabric is on the back side of the front of the pack in its upper half. This pocket, lockable zipper polyamide, is used to store a variety of small things or documents.
Lightning covering the main compartment backpack, outside covered bar protruding from a double layer of fabric, and the possible burden to shoot it four adjustable sink marks on the locks, fasteksy (a pair of sink marks on each side). In addition, these screed help fix any long objects, are fixed on the sides, on the outer sides of the backpack. It is promoted as a large flat open pockets at the bottom, on the sides of the backpack (when viewed from the front), in which you can put some of the elongated object. "RYS" gobag sso backpack in its front side, also has two outer pockets arranged vertically one above the other.
Both pocket unzips to nylon zippers in the same way as the main compartment backpack.
Upper pocket has dimensions: 130x150x50 mm. It is good for placing small pieces of equipment (navigation, smart phone, mini-binoculars). The dimensions of the lower pocket: 280x150x50 mm. This pocket has inside the cell for writing instruments and small items. In it, you can place a tablet computer, a little awkward knife, a large flashlight with extra batteries, etc.. Zippered two outer pockets and covered with strips of double fabric.
Separate pocket nylon zipper system for drinking-hydrator is available in the dorsal part of the backpack, under Strap system. Perhaps removing the hose hydrator through two types of valves (zip and velcro) at the top of the backpack.
The top flap zipper is also used to threading through it, any long items too large to fit entirely in the main backpack compartment (for example, an AK-74 barrel up).

"RYS" gobag sso

Soft back panel of the backpack and the inside of the wide adjustable shoulder straps covered with a solid mesh, provide ventilation and prevent slipping. The strap is connected with a backpack in the bottom (right or left, your choice) 50 mm wide sling on fasteksy castle. To strap fits interchanges (right or left, your choice) additional tape-brace (25 mm) on the lock-fasteksy ensuring a stable position of a backpack on his back.

The upper part of the strap is sewn elements for fastening the hose hydrator, and in the bottom of the shoulder straps, there are four horizontal rows of mating fastening standard PALS / MOLLE (two molle in each row of the cell). In addition, five horizontal rows of three cells has on the outer side of the lower outer pocket on the front side of the backpack, and nine horizontal rows of three cells – on the sides of the backpack.
On the front of the upper outer pocket is located playground with a mating Velcro for attaching patches and chevrons. At the top of the backpack, in his center of gravity, there is a large comfortable carrying handle. All dogs are equipped with additional lightning leashes made of durable nylon cord with plastic endings.



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Weight 1.1 kg
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< 25L




Black, Digital flora, Moss, Multicam, Olive, Spectre, Spectre SKWO


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