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"RD-99" combat Backpack by SSO (Sposn)


Volume: 35L
about 1.8 kg.
Size:  45x28x15 cm.
Backpack Material:
Olive, Black, EMP – 100% Nylon, Multicam, Moss, spectre/skvo – cordura 500d
Material sling:
100% nylon

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"RD-99" combat Backpack by SSO (Sposn)

Backpack with a capacity of 35 liters, designed for carrying ammunition and property by military units performing tasks on short-term patrols during the day. Property and ammunition are distributed in five sections – one main and four external. The main compartment contains warm clothes and spare shoes, a raincoat, electric power sources, a food ration, part of the ammunition kit, and a drinking system.
The hose of the drinking system is brought out through the hole in the back wall of the main container, covered with a belt loop from the belt. The main compartment is pulled down with a tube with a cord and closed with a volume valve, inside of which a zippered pocket is placed – personal hygiene items are carried in it. The tube cord is fixed with a plastic stopper, and the valve is fastened with polyacetal quick-release polymer locks.

Three external pockets with valves fastened to metal buttons are sewn to the main compartment; valves are adjusted in height by metal “wing” buckles with three slits. The top of the pockets is adjustable in volume by cords, threaded into grommets and fixed with plastic stoppers with springs.
So that the contents of the pockets do not dangle, the pockets are pulled down with external straps with buckles. Ammunition, engineering property, combined bowler (in a medium, large pocket) are placed in the external pockets. The outer walls and the bottom of the main tank, the valve of the main tank and the outer pockets of the backpack, are sheathed with horizontal strap belts for attaching the removable modules of the MOLLE system.
For mounting on the outer knots of a backpack, a sleeping bag, a heat insulating mat, the kit includes four removable loops with buckles. The backpack is transferred to the shoulder straps with adjustable height belt straps threaded into metal buckles "wing" with three slits. Webbing lined with 100% polyester mesh. Soft pads from isolon 10 mm thick are inserted into the straps. Between themselves, the straps are tightened with a chest belt, adjustable in length, fastened to the polyacetal quick-release polymer lock. Additionally, the straps are connected to the upper part of the backpack with straps – braces, which are used if there are dural plates – “armor” inserted into the inner vertical pockets on the back wall.

The armor forms the inner frame, which is necessary when carrying a large weight load in a backpack (for example: ammunition for a collective weapon of a subunit – AGS, machine gun, water in a canister). For ease of use, the back is padded with soft cushions, with a mesh lining (100% polyester) and a ventilation channel between them.
All pockets and the main container with drainage holes – grommets, pockets valves are voluminous, dustproof. The outer pockets are single-cut, with back walls, sewn to the main tank so that a “sleeve” is formed between the pocket and the main tank, into which lengthy objects are inserted (skis, small infantry shovel, PG shots – 7, to the RPG rocket launcher – 7).

Main compartment: 45x28x15 cm. Side pocket: 35x15x8 cm Outside pocket: 25x22x8 cm Valve pocket: 10x28x15 cm

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Additional information

Weight 1.8 kg




Backpack volume

25-35L, 35-45L


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