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"Edelweiss 3M" expedition backpack mountain with frame by SSO (Sposn)


Volume: 80 liters (can be increased).
Approximate size in the filled state: 80x35x35 cm.
Weight: about 3 kg.
Backpack Material: 100% Nylon
Material sling: 100% nylon
Material lat (frame): 100% aluminum.

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"Edelweiss 3M" expedition backpack mountain with frame by SSO (Sposn)

Backpack Edelweiss 3M, as well as other products of the "SoyuzSpetsEquipment" company was created for military purposes, namely for long walking exits. Edelweiss 3M holds up to 80 liters, respectively, can be used for both summer and winter, mountain and other trips. The backpack is very durable, wearable like many other products created by SSO. Equally well suited for civilian campaigns, military, and for airsoft and reenactment games.


The design of the Edelweiss 3M backpack is made quite simple, even ascetic. Since it was originally developed for military needs, then in all its appearance one can feel strength, perhaps even excessive, if used in short trips. Edelweiss 3M itself looks rectangular from the side. As in many backpacks of this type, it provides for an additional increase in the volume of essential things. In front there is an external pouch that can be removed completely or replaced with a larger pouch. On the sides there is a bottom on the pocket, in which the ends of the foam comfortably fit, and the foam or mat itself can be pulled tightly with three lines. From personal experience, this pocket can fit a light snack, which can be reached without removing the backpack. Foam, rolled tarp or even a light tent can be fixed with slings on the upper section of Edelweiss. A rug can also be placed between the main compartment and the lead (top flap), pulling it in by slings, many point to the convenience of such an arrangement. The upper, detachable section of the backpack (lead) closes with a zipper. Included with the backpack is always a camouflage, waterproof case located in the upper section-flap, which, by the way, has a small zip pocket. It will perfectly accommodate your documents, maps, notebook for notes, or another snack. Slings on a soft, detachable belt can be useful for attaching or hanging small tools, a knife or a bottle of water. From the bottom, the Edelweiss 3M backpack opens with an additional lightning bolt, and in order not to be confused with the packed things, some of them can be separated by a specially provided partition, inside Edelweiss. This partition divides the backpack into two compartments — a large one (about ¾ of volume) and a small one (respectively, part). The main section Edelweiss 3M closes with a flap valve. Below the backpack there are also slings that can attract an RPG or additional foam, depending on the needs.


Backpack Edelweiss 3M sewn from 100% nylon.

The slings are stitched on the backpack flap, waist belt and on the sides of the additional pouch in front. This provides tremendous opportunities for expanding the useful volume by fastening the pouches with the help of a sling mall (PALS mount).

All fasteks and buckles are made of polyamide. Lightning is also made of polyamide, which ensures their durability. A nylon cord is attached to each zipper, which helps to quickly open the necessary section of the backpack, including by touch in the dark or because of the head, if there is a need for it.

Backpack frame Edelweiss 3M is formed of two armor, made of aluminum. Please note that it is not constructive to use Edelweiss 3M without these aluminum lats. Aluminum armor, form a single frame with removable shoulder straps and a removable soft belt. This design provides both strength and rigidity, but at the same time relieves the shoulders.

The straps and waistband have mesh material on the inside for ventilation.

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Additional information

Weight 3.5 kg
Dimensions 35 × 35 × 21 cm

Black, Digital flora, Moss, Multicam, Olive, Spectre, Spectre SKWO



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