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Backpack "Antey" by SSO (Sposn)


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Backpack "Antey" by SSO (Sposn)

Backpack raid "Antey" with a cargo frame.

The backpack is designed for carrying personal property and collective armament of the unit: disassembled into parts of AGS, mortars, machine guns, sniper rifles, bulky cargo. To do this, the backpack has a cargo frame with adjustable straps on the height and size, belt and belt loop for carrying the backpack in his hand. The personal belongings of the serviceman shall be carried in a backpack fixed to the frame. Unlike traditional backpacks with a tubular cargo frame (ALICE type), the backpack can be carried along with the cargo fixed on the frame.
To fasten a backpack to the frame without a load, an inverted pocket is sewn to its back wall in which the frame is inserted, with the upper opening for the frame locks being threaded, and three slit buckles are sewn into the bottom, into which the cargo belt straps are threaded.
For carrying a backpack with a load on the frame, there are eight belt loops sewn to it with quick-release fastener-type polymeric locks (resistant to low temperatures). Locks fasten to mates on the cargo frame.

Also at the bottom of the backpack a special folding cargo platform is sewn, retractable between the backpack and the frame and fastened to the locks there. The cargo, fixed on the frame with the backpack fastened, rests on this platform. If the frame is used without a backpack, then large-size cargo, attached to it with the help of removable cargo platforms included in the kit – small and large. It also differs from the traditional frame in that it has a non-rigid structure, and consists of six duralumin plates 10 mm wide and 5 mm thick — three vertical and three horizontal ones, sewn into the pockets of a belt tape.

The pockets are sewn on a light but durable fabric base that absorbs the impact and increases the flexibility of the frame. This design, in combination with a collapsible, with stiffening elements, a belt fastened to a polymer lock of increased strength, allows the frame to bend together with the body, transferring most of the load from top to bottom, on the legs. S-shaped shoulder straps, trimmed from the bottom side with a voluminous ventilation mesh, equipped with a chest removable tie, with a quick-release polymeric lock of increased strength, straps with “anti-flares” and adjusted along the length with belt straps, threaded into buckles – “wing” of high-strength polymer resistant to low temperatures. For the growth of the strap are regulated by a special system that allows you to do it quickly.

Shoulder straps are sewn to a special elongated pocket with a flap, which has a soft textile fastener (linden) sewn on the back-facing side. This pocket with straps is inserted into the sewn pocket on the cargo frame. Inside, the frame pocket is sheathed with a rigid part of a textile fastener, and outside with a voluminous ventilation mesh. For quick adjustment of the straps along the growth, a special curved plastic frame Ŭ – shaped with dural inserts is inserted inside the removable pocket.
To fit the frame is removed and used to unbutton the textile fastener. Also, due to the curved shape, the frame squeezes the counter parts of the textile clasp, strengthening their grip, with each other. The rigid design of adjusting the straps in combination with a pad of izolon in the pocket of the frame increases the comfort of wearing a heavily loaded backpack.
The backpack can be mounted on the frame of any size, having similar attachment points. The included backpack has a Y – a zipper fastener, and an extra zipper in the flap, which makes access to the contents of the backpack quick and convenient. The backpack is sheathed on the sides and the inside on the back wall, with horizontal belt straps of the РALS (MOLLE) system, which allows increasing the useful volume of the backpack by installing additional modules.

The back wall of the backpack and the bottom platform for cargo are sheathed with a special non-slip material to prevent rocking, fixed diagonally across rifles and similar long items.
Also included are two removable pockets of different sizes – to hold the rifle butts of 7.62 and 12.7 caliber rifles. To drain the water inside, the bottom of the backpack is equipped with a grommet. The backpack and cargo frame are made of 100% polyamide 100% polyamide fabric, with a density of 1000 D, with a water-repellent polyurethane coating on the inside. Plastic fittings (quick-release locks, two and three slotted buckles) 100% polyacetal. The rigidity of the load frame plastic and duralumin. The weight of the backpack, removable platforms and cargo frame 2 kg 280 g.

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Weight 2.6 kg
Dimensions 20 × 20 × 20 cm

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