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"Adler" patroul backpack by SSO (Sposn)

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Volume: 35
about 1.8 kg.
Size: 540х330х200 мм
Backpack Material:
Olive, Black, EMP – 100% Nylon, Multicam, Moss, spectre/skwo – cordura 500d
Material sling:
100% nylon

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"Adler" patroul backpack by SSO (Sposn)

We present to your attention a backpack "Adler" / "Three-day".
The total volume of the backpack is 35 liters.
We see a serious element of equipment that should ensure the autonomy and survival of its owner for several days. The scope of such a backpack is wide: military, hunting, tourism, daily active use.
The design of the backpack, today, can be called a classic, which indirectly confirms the success of the design. We look from the front – rounded top, rectangular base; in profile – neat rectangle. Approximate dimensions (taking into account the average fullness): 540x330x200 mm. The backpack consists of a main compartment.
Overall constructive Backpack has impressive leading seams, reinforced lining of durable polyamide slings in places most exposed to the load and wear. The main material of the backpack – high-strength synthetic fabric of high density. The fabric, which has an outer side, has a smooth non-abrasive texture (i.e. it does not retain, does not retain dust and dirt, allows water droplets to slide freely) and at the same time does not shine and shows weak light.

The inner side of the fabric is treated with a special water-repellent impregnation. We return to the pocket: durable polyamide zippers on a rigid nylon base securely close both pockets and the main compartment of the backpack. In addition, it makes it equally easy to open them with any hand.
Durability of a lightning allows to open them "on jerk" that is important in any emergency cases. The design of the dairy base makes it easy to access all the contents. So that the backpack was equipped with two pairs (top and bottom) of adjustable weighted slings on fasteks. They are not fully loaded. The backpack seems compact, the volume of the main compartment looks impressive.
Inside the main compartment, located on the dorsal panel, there is a neat, deep pocket that holds a three-liter drinking system or in an A4-size folder.
At the bottom of the main compartment there are two large grommets for water flow. The large outer pocket is also impressive in volume. At the same time, it easily fits into a standard laptop with a diagonal of 40 cm. The appearance of the pocket, as if integrated into the outer wall, does not have hugs, looks wide. Its flight at a small angle to the horizon, facilitating the opening of the bottom-up moving. It has its zest – two separate membranes of thick synthetic fabric that divide the pocket into three smaller compartments with open access to each of them.
One of the departments is an organizer with miniature cells for various trivia. In general, this extreme outer pocket is a convenient storage for medicines, batteries, small-sized communication and navigation devices, stationery, etc. Now about the main thing.

It is well known that the final choice depends on the compliance of the design of its external dorsal panel with the anatomical structure of the human back. "Adler" / "Three-day" and here, where there were no linings, with a closed soft and durable ventilating grid.
The two upper positions are located vertically, to the right and left of the central back, allowing air to circulate freely. Movable support for the lower part of the belt. Soft mesh panels in contact with the user's body. 50 mm sling with fixing buckle-fastex.

On the back of the backpack holds two soft straps. The straps are reinforced with durable polyamide slings connecting all lower backpacks with the same slings through steel “buckle” buckles. The backpack is reliable, adjustable in volume and height, the chest on the fastex fastener. Each of the lower parts has a shape formed from a sling.
On the outer side of the shoulder straps there are steel half-rings for fastening small equipment and additional elements. The hose can be moved to the top of the backpack. Two more loop handles that make it easy for two people to quickly grab or hold a backpack

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Additional information

Weight 3.3 kg

Black, Digital flora, Moss, Multicam, Olive, Spectre, Spectre SKWO



Backpack volume

25-35L, 35-45L

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  1. Errock

    I love my Spectre SKWO Adler backpack. It's the best! Thank you, from your friends in Canada!

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