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"Сoyote-2" patroul backpack by SSO (Sposn)


Volume: 35
about 1.8 kg.
Size: 450х550х75 мм
Backpack Material:
Olive, Black, EMP – 100% Nylon, Multicam, Moss, spectre/skwo – cordura 500d
Material sling:
100% nylon

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"Сoyote-2" patroul backpack by SSO (Sposn)

We present to your attention the Coyote-2 patrol backpack.
The total volume of the backpack is 35 liters.

"Coyote-2" refers to the class of so-called. patrol backpacks, designed to ensure its owner autonomy for several days, as part of the performance of official duties in isolation from the supply bases. Apart from military use, the backpack is perfect for tourists, hunters, rescue workers, doctors, other emergency personnel, as well as for active citizens who want to have “everything with them.”
The backpack has a pronounced rectangular design with a slightly rounded top at the corners. The main compartment of the backpack is closed with a double-sided polyamide zipper. When it is completely unfastened, the main compartment opens exactly half, in its upper part, providing quick and convenient access to the contents.
Inside the main compartment, in its upper third, there are three small loops of polyamide slings, allowing you to additionally secure the load. In addition, inside the main compartment there is a large pocket adjacent to the dorsal panel (2/3 of the height of the backpack, counting from the bottom). The top of the pocket, if necessary, is tightened with a pull-cord with a plastic clip. In this pocket it is convenient to transport folders, maps, laptop and other flat dimensional items.
To the outer (front) side of the main compartment, in its upper third, there is a small mesh pocket with polyamide zipper, convenient for storing various small things. At the bottom of the main compartment there is a grommet for water flow.

To relieve the load on the zipper and adjust the volume of the main compartment, outside the backpack, right and left, there are two adjustable utyazhki on fasteks. Outside the backpack, above the main compartment, there is a large outer compartment (for 2/3 of the backpack, counting from the top) with two additional pockets with polyamide zippers.
Pockets are located one above the other, repeating each other in size. The one that is deeper is larger in volume, and the zipper located in the upper part makes it possible to open it almost in half. In this pocket it is convenient to store items that may require emergency access. Moreover, it has a sewn toilet bag with three small pockets for small items, cells for writing materials and a separate pocket for a small radio station or navigation device.
In the lower part of the pocket there is an eyelet for water flow. The second, outer pocket of the outer compartment of the backpack, having a slightly smaller volume, is not striking and has convenient side access to the right, in the form of a hidden vertical zipper (when viewed from the front). It is convenient to carry documents and personal weapons in this pocket, having a stable and quick access to it.

In the dorsal part of the backpack, under the straps and soft dorsal panels, there is a separate special flat pocket for a hydrator flask with a capacity of up to three liters, which can be closed on top with a polyamide zipper. Hydrator hose through a special internal opening is displayed in the upper part of the main compartment and then through the central, right or left, lockable valve in the upper part of the backpack. Considerable attention is paid to the design of the back of the backpack. Contact with the back is carried out by three elastic panels closed with a soft and durable ventilating grid.

The two upper ones are arranged vertically, to the right and left of the center of the back, allowing air to circulate freely. Under the central bottom panel, which rests on the sacrum, there is a channel with fastening elements for a developed removable belt.

The right and left halves of the belt also have soft mesh panels that come into contact with the user's body. In the front of the belt goes into a solid 50 mm sling with fixing buckle. On the back of the backpack hold two S-shaped soft straps with an inner surface of the same ventilation grid.

The straps are reinforced with durable polyamide slings, connecting at the bottom of the backpack with the same slings through the fastest buckles. From loss and slipping from the user's back, the backpack is insured by a durable, adjustable in size and height, chest buckle on a fastex fastener. On the outer side of the shoulder straps there are steel half-rings for fastening small equipment and additional sewn elements from the lines for fixing the hose of the drinking system.

The backpack allows you to transfer equipment not only inside but also outside your volume, due to the presence on the external free surfaces of the developed counterpart of the mounting standard PALS / MOLLE. All slings forming fixing cells are sewn with a special reinforced seam, in strict geometrical accordance with the fixing standard. Thus, five horizontal lines with MOLLE cells (three full cells) are located on the front of the outer compartment of the backpack. Two more horizontal lines with cells (nine full cells) are located in the lower front part of the backpack, under the external compartment. Three horizontal slings with cells (three full cells in each) are located on the sides of the backpack, in its lower third. The bottom part of the backpack, on the outside, is equipped with four

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Additional information

Weight 1.8 kg

Black, Digital flora, Moss, Multicam, Olive, Spectre, Spectre SKWO



Backpack volume

25-35L, 35-45L


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