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"Max" shoulder bag by SSO (Sposn)


Volume: 5L
about 0.7 kg.
Size: 280 х 220 х 140 mm
Backpack Material:
Olive, Black, EMP – 100% Nylon, Multicam, Moss, spectre/skvo – cordura 500d
Material sling:
100% nylon

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"Max" shoulder bag by SSO (Sposn)

We present to your attention a light tactical bag "Max".
This type of equipment, which has become popular in recent years, was created for the constant daily carrying of personal weapons, special equipment, valuable equipment, documents and a set of useful trifles. Such a bag can be convenient in the field, but it becomes especially useful in an urban environment where social restrictions, the dress code and current legal regulations do not allow placing the necessary set of equipment in the traditional way – in holsters, cases and pouches. Overall dimensions of the bag: 260x330x140 mm.

The basis of the bag is a special platform with a special ergonomic shape. In its upper part, on the right and on the left, the platform passes into wide rounded “ears” protruding beyond the dimensions of the main compartment of the bag. These "ears" are points from which the shoulder strap of the bag departs.

The reverse side of the platform is equipped, at three points of maximum adherence to the body, with special lining panels from a soft and durable ventilating grid. On the same side there is a small, velc-breakable belt loop – for additional fixing of the bag against shear. The similar shape of the base of the bag, with the “ears” turning into the shoulder strap, makes the bag very comfortable to wear both with the belt over the head and on one shoulder.

The belt tightens the “ears” to the user's body and the base of the bag seems to be wrapped around its side, clinging and holding a fixed position. The main compartment of the bag, sewn onto the platform from the outside, has dimensions of 220x180x100 mm. The top of the main compartment, if necessary, is tipped with a tube on a polyamide cord with a plastic retainer.

Inside the main compartment, the front and the inside have a large pocket (170×160 mm), and the one on the inside is made of durable mesh fabric. On the front side of the bag, to its main compartment, there is a large (170x150x40 mm) outside volume pocket, closed with a durable polyamide zipper.

The inner wall of this pocket, adjacent to the main compartment, is equipped with another small (130×140 mm) mesh pocket with an open top. If you look at the bag from the front, then on its outer side, on the outer wall of the volume pocket, there is another flat open top pocket (130×130 mm).

The main compartment of the bag, the outer volumetric pocket with a zipper and a flat open pocket with an edge – all together are covered with a large flap-cap fixed by a large polyamide fastex. From the bottom, from the bottom of the bag, in its vertical geometric middle, a wide (50 mm) adjustable pull tape fits to the fastex. Adjusting this system allows you to close the upper flap valve for almost any degree of filling the bag.

In addition, the guy tape is fixed on the bag with a small horizontal stitch sewn at the bottom of the bag. Valve bag cover in its upper part has a horizontally positioned volume pocket (25x150x70 mm). This pocket, closed with polyamide zipper, is convenient for storing glasses, dressing bag or chocolate bar. Below the described pocket, in the upper front part, the flap of the visor has a horizontal polyamide zipper locking a small flat (130×140 mm) built-in pocket.

At the right end of the bag, when viewed from the front, there is an additional volumetric, vertically oriented pocket (140x70x50 mm) with polyamide zipper. The pocket is convenient for storage of medicines or small equipment. Under this pocket, between it and the side wall of the main compartment of the bag, there is another flat vertical pocket with an open top (170×90 mm). In this pocket will fit, for example, a small clumsy knife in the sheath.

From the opposite end of the bag has a large, deep vertical pocket (190x80x70 mm), designed primarily for a bottle or a round cylindrical flask with a capacity of up to 1.5 liters. In its upper cut, this pocket has a pull-cord with a plastic retainer, and on top it is additionally closed with a buckle from a wide (40×140 mm) polyamide tape with velcro. This fastener, in turn, is attached to the bag on a piece of adjustable cord, the ends of which, through the side metal grommet, pass into the main compartment of the bag and are fixed there with a plastic retainer.

In its bottom part, the bottle pocket has a metal hole for water drainage. In the empty form, the pocket is compact enough and does not increase the overall dimensions of the bag. Its shape, volume, and method of closing allow you to carry in it, and many other items, except for flasks and bottles. For example, in your pocket you can place up to three AK-74 stores. At the bottom of the bag, from the outside, 20 mm polyamide tape is sewn, forming three small loops-cells for securing any additional equipment. In the platform-based bags, under the main compartment, there is a large (240×230 mm), closed by a horizontal polyamide zipper, a secret pocket.

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Additional information

Weight 0.7 kg

Black, Digital flora, Moss, Multicam, Olive, Spectre, Spectre SKWO



Backpack volume

< 25L


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