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Smersh vests

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You are welcomed by the special equipment trading and manufacturing company. If you want to buy smersh vests, you have visited the necessary site. In this section, we will tell you about unloading vests, RPS (belt-shoulder system) and bibs manufactured by us under the brand name “SoyuzSpetsOnosnashenie”.

First of all, we draw your attention to the modern modular tactical unloading equipped with the PALS / MOLLE mounting standard. As you know, this mounting system allows, practically without restrictions, to independently equip its unloading with all the necessary pouches and equipment, for a specific tactical situation, for combat / weapon specialization or for any working conditions (frequent being in a vehicle, etc. ) To complete these unloadings, MTR produces a wide range of bags and pouches suitable for various ammunition, property, equipment and medicines. This category of unloading systems includes our Nuker, Nerpa MOLLE vests, MOLLE base vest and bibs Brest, Signum, Legat, and Password. In addition, MTR also manufactures and offers various MOLLE hip loops and several types of MOLLE unloading belts that are compatible with different types of tactical shoulder straps.

For those users who prefer self-sufficient, non-modular tactical calculations, MTR offers unloading vests Alpha, Nerpa, Lorika and bibs Huntsman, Lazutchik, and Scout M.

Special attention should be paid to our RPS (belt-shoulder system) of the SMERSH series. For many years of production and use in the army, this unloading from the MTR, by default, has become the recognized standard for universal infantry calculation. Representing a rigid belt with a soft lining and shoulder straps, equipped with specialized pouches, SMERSH, today, is well known to the military and law enforcement officers in many countries of the world. At present, Special Equipment LLC offers several variants of the SMERSH system: SMERSH AK, SMERSH AK with VOG, SMERSH RPK, SMERSH SVD and SMERSH PKM.

We produce all samples of unloading equipment from modern high-quality synthetic fabrics, including: cordura, oxford, polyamide. Our unloading and their components are carried out in all camouflage colors common today: ATAX, multicam, EMP (“digital flora”). There are also options in black and olive colors. The field layout with “proprietary” camouflage colors from the MTR: “spectrum” and “spectrum-SKVO” is gaining great popularity.