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Sso/sposn equipment


Hello, Dear visitor of the site We want to tell you about our equipment, manufactured under the brand name “SoyuzSpetsOfnoshenie”.

For 20 years, the MTR, working in professional contact with the military and representatives of law enforcement agencies, has developed outstanding models of tactical equipment, many of which have become legendary. So, experienced fighters highly appreciate our, repeatedly tested in battles, various versions of the RPS (belt-shoulder system) SMERSH: SMERSH AK, SMERSH AK with VOG, SMERSH RPK, SMERSH SVD and SMERSH PKM. ” All of our SMERSHs perfectly perform their unloading functions and are fully compatible with all military backpacks and field uniforms. RPS pouches ideally accommodate (depending on the specification) weapons stores, machine gun boxes and other equipment. Our unloading, vests and bibs, equipped with the PALS / MOLLE mounting standard: Signum, Nuker, Password, Nerpa-MOLLE, have become very widespread not only among armed professionals, but also among doctors, rescuers, and hunters. Legat, Brest. Additionally, we offer unloading belts and MOLLE hip loops. For MOLLE equipment, we produce a wide range of pouches – for various property, ammunition, equipment and medicines. We also have a wide range of pistol holsters (including holsters on MOLLE), suitable for almost all modern pistols. For those who prefer traditional self-sufficient samples of field layout, we produce vests and bibs designed for specific types of weapons and combat specialization: Lorika, Lazutchik, Lazutchik-M, Huntsman, Alpha and Nerpa “. There is also a wide selection of pouches with a simple belt clip.

We produce all samples of tactical equipment from high-quality modern synthetic materials, including: oxford, cordura, polyamide. Our unloading and pouches are carried out in all camouflage colors that are in demand today: multicam, ATAKS, EMR (“digital flora”). There is equipment in black and olive colors. Today, there is a great demand for field layout with our “proprietary” camouflage colors: “spectrum”, “spectrum-SKVO”.