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Balaclava mask KE from the membrane. Review, test results, recommendations for use

Balaclava mask KE from the membrane. Review, test results, recommendations for use

You really understand the value of a balaclava mask when you go out into the street, where you are greeted by frost and a gusty wind that flings into your face with snow. Just five minutes of movement against the wind – and the face begins to fade and quickly loses sensitivity. You can pull a hood over your head, wrap yourself with a scarf, but these means of protection are only suitable to run from the house to the bus. In a warm hood, you don't really turn your head. To see what is happening from your side, you need to turn this body. To see what happens behind you, you have to turn around completely. When you go skiing or racing on a snowmobile, this is all unacceptable.

Hoods and ordinary scarves love to migrate and at the most crucial moment strive to close the view or slide, exposing the face and neck, putting the skin under the thorny blows of frost winds. Balaclava is a perfect thing in this sense. In my arsenal there were two things that I used in the complex – a knitted balaclava and a fleece sea scarf. I wear them or take them with me in the winter if I plan to be on the air for a long time. But against the powerful frosty wind, they are almost powerless – blown through. When the “Camouflage Ru” on sale appeared winter scarves made of membrane and fleece, I, it was, was going to buy one myself, but I learned that the company has plans to produce a membrane balaclava. Therefore, I decided not to hurry.

moss balaclava

Balaclava mask is well combined with the suit "Hill". It is easily tucked into the neck of the jacket, does not press and does not press.

I ordered Balaclava with the new summer “Gorka” and with the Malamut vest. The package was on the road less than a week, which is not bad for a Moscow online store and is just fine for Post of Russia. All items were packed in a plastic bag. One small incised “wound” was found on the shell, but the contents of the parcel were not affected. All things have passed the initial quality test "with a bang." Today we will talk only about balaclava.

First doubts Acoustic test, vapor permeability and mobility test

I have a bias towards the membrane. Yes, it protects well from wind and water, but it does not allow air and steam to pass through and is a barrier to sound. I was afraid:

  1. that it will be difficult for me to breathe in such a balaclava;
  2. that I will hear the sound of the environment in it.

Regarding membranes, I have no illusions: membranes, even those that are commonly called climatic, and which are expensive, breathe very badly. This is the cost of waterproofing. Marketers have come up with the myth that there are special membrane materials that are a little worse than the fabric that let the vapor released by the body through, but it is not blown through or soaked. Take an expensive suit from a “breathing” membrane and run a couple of kilometers on it in skiing: elite composite material will suit you exactly the same steam room as cheap. Who tried it, he knows: any membranes, even supertechnological, and therefore extremely expensive for running hunting and ski racing are not suitable.

Balaclava mask does not interfere with turning his head. The aesthetics of this headdress at a decent level.

It was interesting for me to buy a balaclava-mask from a sometimes, breathing membrane. In the characteristics of the material stated vapor permeability of 7000 ml / 24 hours. When I first got the headdress in my hands, the first thing I pressed tightly to his mouth was a membrane membrane in order to arrange an improvised vapor permeability test for her: I tried to blow it. And he made the first discovery: it rests, but is purged. Well, and if it is blown, it means that steam also passes.

The acoustic test of the membrane also passed confidently: it does not rustle when crushed and does not drown out the sounds of the environment with its rustling. Yes, it impairs hearing, and this is logical, because if you put it on, then between the environment and the auricle there appears a two-layer barrier consisting of a membrane and fleece. However, this is not a critical decline.

And finally, a test for propensity to migrate and mobility. I was also worried about this question: how freely can I turn my head in this balaclava? How tight will she sit? And will this headgear live its own – separate life? Balaclava mask is regulated by two elastic cords. The first one pulls it down over the face, and the second one fixes the “visor” in the chosen position. If everything is properly adjusted, then the balaclava tightly rests on the head. You can, without feeling constraint, turn your head in all directions – the balaclava is not fidgeting, not trying to close the review, or vice versa – to bare the face or head.

Design, materials, quality

Balaclava mask KE its design resembles the closed helmet of a heavy medieval knight. It completely covers the head, goes to the neck, and from the neck it flows down to the chest, shoulders and back. As befits a helmet, she has a visor – a facial mask. If you don’t need a mask, it’s just down – under your chin.

For the quality of cutting and sewing this product, I put the "top five". Sticking threads, crooked seams, raw edges – I couldn’t find anything to complain about. Balaclava is worn without much effort, but tight. The fit takes exactly half a minute. The headdress is not large, so you can comfortably wear a hood over it.

The manufacturer recommends two options for wearing a balaclava – with a closed or open face. I experienced both full-time options and myself added a couple of non-standard ones. Raised to the very eyes, the facial mask does not create any problems. If you want to wear glasses, then there are no problems – the mask does not hurt this. To "visor" steadily maintained position, you need to adjust the tension of the elastic control cord passed through the upper edge of the mask. It is placed on the back of the head with a loop, equipped with a clamping action lock. The latch is large enough, if necessary, it can be controlled without removing the gloves.

Landing balaclava masks "KE" is regulated and fixed with two elastic cords.

To open the face, you need to pull the face mask down – under the chin. In this position, the facial mask does not create problems. It does not press, does not interfere with tilting the head down or twisting it. To lift the mask on the face, one free hand is enough. Gloves do not need to be removed for this operation.

There are two more options for wearing this mask balaclava. For example, the headdress itself can be pulled from the head down to the neck. In this case, the balaclava covers the neck and performs the function of a sea scarf. This way of wearing allows you to listen to the environment without restrictions: the ears are fully open. In this form, the balaclava allows you to wear a helmet or a fur hat. If necessary, you can only lift the face mask on your face. And it will be the second non-standard version of wearing.

Water test. Persistence check

After I found out that the membrane membrane "breathes", I was curious how well it holds water. First of all, just poured water on the balaclava. Liquid moisture formed lakes in the folds of the fabric, which, after an hour of waiting, did not disappear anywhere – they did not dry out and were not absorbed into the fabric. Fleece from the back side remained dry. The second test is mechanical. I rubbed water into the material. Upper knitted layer washes immediately. But the bottom layer of fleece remained dry. After 10 minutes of monotonous mechanical work, the dampness still appeared on the reverse side of the membrane membrane, which was quite expected. Then I put the balaclava to dry at room temperature. It dried completely in about an hour. I will immediately make a reservation: only the outer shell was wet and that was from the front side. Fleece was slightly damp.

But one thing – testing at home, and another – a real practical application. Therefore, in the very first weekend I made a field test for Balaclava.

Water test. Water is not absorbed into the material. But he gets wet, if the water is mechanically rubbed. Moreover, only the upper knitted layer becomes wet, and the water comes through if it is pushed there.

Snow test: ski, snowmobile and wind in the face

confess right away that I was not used to setting speed records on skis. I just go skiing, not running. At this exit, it was relatively warm outside – about seven degrees of frost, the wind was not strong either. I abandoned the usual forest routes and went into the field where the wind usually blows harder. It was on the snowy loose virgin soil. The snow was shallow this year, it was easy to go skiing even over the untouched cover. Balaclava-mask from the membrane did not create big problems for me: breathing, of course, was more difficult in it, but certain difficulties arose only when I ran skiing and out of breath. The head under the mask due to high physical exertion quickly sweating. I rescued the fleece – it absorbed moisture, so I didn’t cause any special discomfort to the balaclava. However, for high activity, involving considerable physical exertion, I recognized this headgear as conditionally suitable. When there is no strong frost, and the wind is moderate, it is really hot in it.

The manufacturer offers to wear a balaclava mask with closed or open face. To open the ears, balaclava must be tied to the neck. The head in this case protects the usual hat.

It is quite another thing – a snowmobile. In these circumstances, the balaclava mask showed itself in the best possible way, although control of this vehicle is also often associated with very decent physical exertion. If you have to actively maneuver a lot, then in this case there is a risk of evaporation in the balaclava. Nevertheless, I did not have any questions for her: she doesn’t slip at my eyes, the wind holds well, does not blow anywhere, presses and presses.

Conclusion Summing up, conclusions and recommendations

Balaclava-mask in all respects arranged for me, although, as it turned out, this is not a universal headdress. It can be recommended to hunters and airsoft players, but with reservations. Standing on a room, driving an ATV or snowmobile in search of the beast in this headdress is very convenient and pleasant. It is suitable for leisurely hiking and skiing. However, for high physical activity, coupled with physical exertion, this headdress is not suitable – it will be hot in it, and, moreover, the fleece under the membrane dries slowly on the move. For military games, this headdress can also be used, but only for roles not related to making marches or active movement on the ground. I would recommend this balaclava to a sniper in ambush, or a spotter of fire, or a game coordinator. Ideally, this hat is suitable for fishermen, drivers of open vehicles, lovers of downhill skiing. It is very comfortable to ride a sled from a hill.

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